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how come,


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Sep 2, 2001
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there are bills fans talking all kinds of nonsense on here, i get on a roll and they leave! just like their team, no guts!:D
I'm here dolfan06.

Seriously, what do you think is the biggest thing the dolphins will have to fix between now and the playoffs in order to make them Super Bowl contenders?

You guys started out like wildfire, then lost a key DL (Gardener) and lost track of your running game.

Do you think Smith will step it up in time for the playoffs?
Are you kidding? Lamar Smith sucks even if our o-line was worth a damn. :mad: Minor is our better choice! :mad:
But how far do you think he can take you this year?

Thats a lot of pressure for a rookie. As it stands, a win vs. Buffalo and a bunch of losses could give your team a first round bye. That's an opportunity that Wannestadt dreamed of in August.

Don't you think he'll leave it in the hands of Smith and hope that he comes around?

first of all let me give you kudos for making a civil question. i don't care what team you're from, if you ask a question concerning football, i would love to talk to you. your other cohorts are rather juvenile!
to answer your question, i don't think lamar can pick it up for the playoffs. not until we solidify the O-line! i don't think lamar is fast enough to hit the holes before they close! i think they're best bet is to try minor!:confused:
I agree, and I believe that Minor gives you guys a dimension that Smith doesn't... a receiving weapon out of the backfield.

But that goes back to my previous question. Is that too much pressure for a rookie?
i would say yes normally!

But that goes back to my previous question. Is that too much pressure for a rookie?

but coming from a florida college, i think he has lived with pressure long before now. florida fans have come to expect the best from their athletes!:D
off the subject.....

Rumors were flying this past off season that the Dolphins had a serious interest in signing Rob Johnson if he were the one cut instead of Flutie. Was that true?

If Johnson were cut this off-season, do you think the same rumors would begin. Is Miami really wild about this guy?

the rumors concerned brad johnson, not rob. i really didn't want either one. if we couldn't get a better QB, i just as soon stay with fiedler. "he's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get". but with the others, you do!
several points

there were definitely rumors that the Fins wanted to sign Rob J if the Bills kept Flutie.

Minor was a 4 year starter at FSU so he's got much more experience than the average rookie.

Lamar is a good running back if the his OL can get him past the other team's DL. Once he gets up a head of steam, he will get you extra yardage thru determination and strength. Having said that, after Jet debacle 2001 #1, Lamar has sucked.

Our best hope for this Sunday and the playoffs is to match our D to the other teams. For example, bring the safeties up against the Bills or Steelers or Pats to stop the run first. On O we need to real creative to get Minor and Chambers the ball as often as possible; and mix in some throws to the TE and FB as well.

excellent question DezertBill :D
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