How Do The Dolphins Decide Which Players To Take Risks On?


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Aug 10, 2008
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The Miami Dolphins are looking to establish a strong, team-first culture in their locker room under head coach Brian Flores. But that doesn’t mean everyone on the roster is going to be a “boy scout” — rather the opposite. The Dolphins have focused heavy investments into high character, high football IQ players such as this year’s first round pick Christian Wilkins and star cornerback Xavien Howard.

But the Dolphins quickly signed former Hurricanes running back Mark Walton — despite three charges against his name. And Miami signed UDFA wide receiver Preston Williams despite off-field concerns.

This past week, the Dolphins added troubled underachiever Robert Nkemdiche — who was recently cut by the Arizona Cardinals.

So how exactly do the Dolphins decide? Which risks are “worth” taking and how do the Dolphins plan to keep structure around those who have some red marks on their resume?


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Sep 17, 2012
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I think the UDFA signing of Williams was a very low rish very high reward proposition
and therefore don't see how you can include his example in the subject matter.

The allegations against the kid are rather "pedestrian" when compared to
[fill in the blank] many other examples -- especially at the PRO level vs.
college. But how about Simmons (R1 to TN) as a collegiate example???

Maybe just me but I get nauseous from the hypocrisy...
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