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How does it work?


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Aug 22, 2004
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Ok, new thread for business majors in here or any majors

We have some rookies on our roster right now, some of them will not make it but they are still signed..So how does it work...Do they get paid on a weekly basis to wake up early and go to camp, and hoping to supplant a starter...Or they just get cut and not get paid at all..

For example, that Tight End from NFL Europe that just signed, do we pay him as of now, or he has to wait till after training camp and avoid being cut to start getting paid?

I don't really get this crap? Can someone who is smarter than me help?
I believe they keep their signing bonus and don't get a salary until the season. There is some kind of per diem I belevie during training camp.
All players get their base salary for the season in 17 weekly payments during the season. Bonuses are paid upon execution of the contract, or when the contract calls for them to be paid if they're deferred.

During training camp, the players are paid a set weekly salary unrelated to their contract - like $1200 a week, I think.
Incidentally, practice squad players make about $4,000/week.
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