How long will it take Jay to regain form?


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Mar 10, 2002
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Something that a lot of us dolfans seem to be overlooking about this whole Fidler injury-thing, is how Jay will play when he does make it back to action.

Just because he may be slated to come back in two weeks, or so, that does not mean that it will automatically just inspire our sputtering team to perform up to the level that got them to be 5-1.

If we remember, Jay does not have a very good history of coming back from missed play-time real quickly. Just think of this pre-season when he missed those first couple weeks of camp, (which was supposed to prepare Ray for the chance that he had to step in for Jay, if need be) Yeah right! His first game back, he threw 3 picks.

Remember when he was first signed to the team, he missed most of camp, and came back for the last pre-season game, and threw 3 picks, in the first half.

The point being, Jay will need at least one, if not two weeks to get back into playing shape, and back to his early season success level. So, for those of us just think that just getting Jay back will have immediate impact, in terms of wins, and losses, we may need to re-think that just a little.
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