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How many rookies will make the roster?


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Mar 8, 2002
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I say 4 of 5. Seth McKinney, backup OG. McMichael, competes for starting TE job. WR Simmons, returns kicks (Ogden will be cut). DB Lowe, dime and ST. Only Henry will not make opening day roster. But, if a RB goes down on the IR, Henry will be called up from the practice squad. Overall, I feel the draft was good in the sense that we found 5 players that can make an impact on our team and make it better.
I would say 3 out of 5, possibly 4. Not sure Simmons and Lowe will make it barring injuries. Though Wanne saying he wants 6 rookies to make the team will probably be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we ever sign a 6th rookie that is :rolleyes:
All Simmons nees to do to make the team is not drop or fumble any returns, in my opinion. He is way better at returning than Ogden, and has the ability and frame to get open as a #5 WR, and the potential to maybe one day be a #3 WR.

Right now Lowe just has to beat out Lethridge, which is 50/50 at this point.

I say 4 out of 5 draft picks, and wait and see the UdFA we sign.
I like that analysis. Ogden is done, it wont cost us anything to cut him.
Hopefully soon we will sign some UdFA's before everyone gets the good ones!
What about Major Applewhite
Nobody sign him yet
Do you think we should get him or not?????
Originally posted by bigwalt18
What about Major Applewhite
Nobody sign him yet
Do you think we should get him or not?????
Think we should get a 4th QB in camp, but not sure he has NFL talent
From what I heard, Applewhite is going to be a coach with the Titans. I am surprised no one gave him a chance, if he went to another college and started he would of been picked in the first three rounds.
I thought he started for every year until this past season, when he lost the job to Simms or something?
I heard we will sign about 8 undrafted FA's. I believe our first 4 picks will make the team. The RB in the 7th might, depends on how good Robert Edwards looks. I assume 2 or 3 of the undrafted FA's also make the team.
I can honestly see all five of these guys making the team. Henry at RB is likely a developmental player who should make the practice squad. Who knows though, if he's good enough Wanny may decide to carry an extra RB on the roster.

Every one of the other picks helps to fill a need so there is an excellent chance that they'll all make the roster.

I'm curious to see who the UFA's are that get picked up. Has there been any word on that yet?
Henry might make the roster just for Special Teams. Who knows. Bernie Parmalee took up a roster spot for a couple of years based solely upon his good special team play.
I just read AppleWhite is goin gto be signed by the Patriots
Oh well

We have not done alot in the FA market this year and there is alot of people out there

Is it just me or does anyone esle feel that way
Applewhite has no future in the NFL unless he is coaching. He wouldn't have been a third round choie even if he did play this season. he is a cripple with all the knee injuries he has sustained over the years. He is a leader but his skills are very questionable and he cannot move. think of an olddan marino without the arm or smarts or quick release....he is that immoble.
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