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how to look at the release of gardener



heres my take on how to look at dgs release, basically we are replacing dg at tackle with de, we are replacing mixon and bromell with burnett and j. williams...if gardener was healthy and playing dt he is obviously better than chester...i think burnett and jw wll be at worst just as good as mixon and bromell...they will also give us veteran leadership...we dont know what dg would have given us at de...also, with the problems he was having with teammates and his back problems, i think it was a good move to release him...we will pay next year cap wise but after that we will have his cap #s off the books...
It may be difficult to gage this move. It depends on who signs DG and how well the Fins new DL plays.
Will they use DG in the same way as the Fins did?
Will they want him to be more of a pass rusher up the middle?

By the sound of it from a locker room stand point it made sense but the pressure seems to be on the defense this year to perform up to the standard that they have set over the last few years.With the defensive moves that have been made it's a wait and see senerio and a did they make the RIGHT moves senerio to keep that standard at a high level?
Where as with Norv and the offense the moves have all been a definit improvement. (IMO)

If the DL fails this year for the Fins and DG has a normal or improved year with his new team how does this effect peoples view on DG's release? With the rumor of him being a locker room cancer would it still be concidered a good move to release DG in this senerio?

My take is if he was a distraction to the team then I don't want him in Miami anymore than I wanted Chris Carter in Miami reguardless of the outcome or the level of his play this coming season.
I predict that with the team bully (DG) gone that the defense will be relaxed and focused and actually be a better unit for it.
Zack,Jason and Sam will be able to lead the defense without the interferance from DG.
Of course this is just my opinion, I may be wrong. :D
Well the bottom line is that medical science told us that DG could not play fulltime at DT anymore. If he had any hope of playing a full season it was at DE with a move to DT coming only on some passrush situations. Even that was not guaranteed to keep him healthy. So we really had no choice but to move him to the position he was in.

And then once in that position you take a look at the mental toll his mere presence exhausts on the rest of the locker room, the amount of money we're still paying him, and the likelihood that he could be even remotely worth that money in the position that we are being forced by his back to play him in, and you just see that it was time for him to go. I had been explaining why it would be in our best interest to release DG for about 3 weeks before the release. The position we were forced to move him to just doesn't carry with it the possibility for Daryl Gardener to excell enough to be worth his $5+ salary cap figures for the next few years.
How the hell do you outright release a Darryl Gardener! This is gonna come back to bite us(knockin' on wood)!
I read that he should up for a texans interview, and his back was good, but he was way out of shape for training camp. Lazy punk!
Yeah well he's been takin it easy thats one of the reasons we were p!ssed at him. Wanny tried to call him to see whats up and he never returned phone calls. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
I tend to look at it from different aspects individually.
First off, he has been an excellent player. Great skills and has done a good job at run stopping. But that was only part time because of injury. So does his part time performance outweigh the lack of playing time? We need a full time player. We all know how we do in the last part of the season. So a part timer is useless.
Secondly, the attitude. He had one. Big time. But I'm trying to remember any good players that dont have some type of attitude no matter how different they are. Does his attitude and the affects on the team outweigh his contribution towards the team?
This is a team game. Period. But what if his replacement cannot do as good of a job? Well, how would the team of been if he stayed? At some points, it's almost a wash.
I'm hesitant to say we did good or bad. But either way, we need to move on.
Originally posted by PHINFAN4LIFE
How the hell do you outright release a Darryl Gardener! This is gonna come back to bite us(knockin' on wood)!

By replacing him with a pretty good player, may not be as talented as DG, but if he holds his own and is a team player, then I'm alll for him..In this case it's Larry Chester I'm for..He seems like a keeper..
Here's a link from Muck's earlier post..Check out LC vs Miami last year Carolina ..He was pretty good on a bad D..Now he has help with a lot of our stars..He won't get as much attention and just like DG, should flurrish..with O's concerned about Bowens, JT., Zach, Morland, Sam and Pat.. He should make an impact like DG did under the same circumstances.
Originally posted by PHINFAN4LIFE
How the hell do you outright release a Darryl Gardener! This is gonna come back to bite us(knockin' on wood)!
I can see 3 main reasons:

1)He is a cancer
2)Costs too much $$$
3)He won't play a full season
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