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How will my Saints do this year?? (Also includes my thoughts/prediction for Miami.)


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Aug 19, 2002
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I know, this is a Dolphins board and all but I just wanted to get a non-bias opinion of my team. I did not make this thread a poll because I don't just want, "10-6." I want your opinion on my team. Be it thoughts of a good season for the Saints, or a season that we wish will soon be forgotten. I just want an honest opinion.

Anyway, I'm also gonna add my thoughts and prediction of your Miami Dolphins. Granted, I don't have the knowledge you all have of your team (Except for Ricky who was probably my was player when he was with the Saints.) but it's atleast a non-biasis opinion of your team. Here we go:


There seem to be mixed feelings with Jay Fiedler. Some feel he has earned and performed well enough to be your #1 Qb and then there are others that think Fiedler is not the answer at QB. I myself feel Fiedler is a pretty good QB and deserves some respect as he hasn't got much around the league. I feel he is a good leader and although he doesn't produce monster numbers, he gets the job done and plays good when the game is on the line (Note: I'm basing my thoughts of him playing good under pressure on the one game I saw him play against who I think was Oakland where he orchastrated a game winning drive late in the game.)


Ricky was my fav. player when he was with the Saints, (I did not really want to trade him.) So I know what he brings to yall's team and also what he doesn't. I'm not going to talk about the trade or anything like that and please don't bash me or even say I'm wrong with my analysis of Ricky. I know Ricky better than you all do as I’ve watched him for the last 3 yrs. (Every single game for the last 3 years)Anyway, what Ricky does bring to you all’s team is consistency. He averages about 4 yards per carry and runs best right up gut. He also catches the ball well and you all should get some pretty good receiving numbers out of him. What you all should not expect from him is to run east and west real well or break for any real long gains. He does get some really nice carry’s of 12 to 20 yard (especially in the 4th quarter after he’s worn a defense down) but don’t expect him to break for many carry’s of 20 yards or more. He will not do well though an efficient nice passing game. God knows I’ve watched to many teams come in, put all emphasis on stopping the run and our QB is unable to open up the defense with the passing game.


Your receivers look pretty good this year. Gadsdon, McKnight, and Chambers should do real well for yall. All that would worry me is having a true #1 receiver on your team. I’m sure everyone’s hoping Chambers will step into this position after a great rookie season last year. TE seems ok also as I saw first hand what McMichael can do. (Got to give him props for that TD verse the Saints in the preseason.)

Other Positions

- Your Defense I feel will be as always really good this year with Thomas running all over the place, Surtain and Madison making up probably the best CB duo in the league and your huge defensive line. (Big run on sentence. :) )

- Offensive Line looks suspect this year. Better hope they pick it up as they are a key to Ricky’s success. I feel this is the key position for Miami to have a good season.

- Olindo Mare and Mark Royals make a great pair at kicker and punter. Olindo is one of the best kickers in the league and Royals is a good journeyman punter who also used to play for the Saints.

Schedule Predictions

9-8 Detroit Win
9-15 @ Indianapolis Loss
9-22 NY Jets Win
9-29 @ Kansas City Win
10-6 New England Loss
10-13 @ Denver Win
10-20 Buffalo Win
11-4 @ Green Bay Loss
11-10 @ NY Jets Loss
11-17 Baltimore Win
11-24 San Diego Win
12-1 @ Buffalo Win
12-9 Chicago Win
12-15 Oakland Loss
12-21 Minnesota Win
12-29 @ New England Loss

There ya have it, my prediction for the Miami Dolphins this season.
Overall I see the Saints better then they were last year. But that really depends on the teams attitudes. They had a major one last year and that killed them, from my vantage point. If they can come together as a team, then yes, they're good. But from the looks of how Brooks is "where is MY contract" I don't see it.
I see the Saints winning games they shouldn't and losing games they should. But again, they have to lose that crappy non-team attitude. And Brooks isn't the person to do it. He's only worried about himself....ala Jeff George.

Sep 8 @Tampa Bay LOSE
Sep 15 Green Bay LOSE
Sep 22 @Chicago WIN
Sep 29 @Detroit WIN
Oct 6 Pittsburgh LOSE
Oct 13 @Washington LOSE
Oct 20 San Francisco LOSE
Oct 27 Atlanta WIN
Week 9 BYE DUH
Nov 10 @Carolina WIN
Nov 17 @Atlanta LOSE
Nov 24 Cleveland WIN
Dec 1 Tampa Bay WIN
Dec 8 @Baltimore WIN
Dec 15 Minnesota LOSE
Dec 22 @Cincinnati WIN
Dec 29 Carolina WIN

While this probably isn't even close, I'm giving them a 9-7 record. But that is only from the vantage point of today. Next week it could change.:eek:
Not bad. But, I don't like your analysis of the wins/losses. I can't see us losing to Oakland at home, they are just too slow and old I think. Given what you said about Ricky being consistent, I think he will just wear down Oakland so the defense is dead. But who knows, things could be different by week 15. We could be 4-10 or 14-0, who knows.
We will go 12-4, no way we lose to Indy or Oakland, and some of the other ones are questionable as well I guess. I liked your anylisis and thought it was fair.
Yeah Breck, Oakland has never been great against the run. Plus they lost Grady Johnson(to none other than New Orleans). Although they did add John Parrella, but he is going to be 33 years old.
I think The Saints will be one of the Top teams in the NFL this year. I think they will demolish Tampa and Roll to a bye. Unfortunately, I dont think they'll make it to the big dance as they will be peaking at the beginning and through mid year and not when they need to be. Duece will have a 12-1300 yard season and Brooks will get a huge $60 mil contract. I predict the Saints to be 12-4.

As for Miami, I'll take the 10-6 record you predicted as long as they're peaking at Dec. and Jan. BTW if we get swept by Tom Brady like you say I'll eat my shoe.
My view of the Saints

QB: Brooks needs to grow up. He seems to have a really bad attitude. If he can change, he can be a Pro Bowl type player. Luckily for Brooks, he is going to have some reliable targets.

RB: This is the wild card. Deuce McAllister is always a threat to score. He is a good fit for their offense. All Deuce has to do is live up to his potential and stay healthy.

WR: The Saints have a strong WR unit. Joe Horn is a good vetran reciever. I really think highly of Donte Stallworth. If this guy plays up to his ability, then a lot of corners will have major head aches.

Defense: Its impossible to say Glover and Johnson leaving won't hurt, but Howard, Hand, rookie Charles Grant, and Grady Jackson will make the D-line very good. I think highly of Jackson after seeing him play with Oakland. Charlie Clemons is a good linebacker, but the secondary's only good player is Knight.

Due to their weak division, New Orleans could go 11-5.
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