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Mar 2, 2005
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I was just wondering if anybody knows anything about Huizenga. I heard something about him being part of Home Depot. Does anyone know how he got to become to owner of the Phins? Thanks
i think you're thinking of the falcons owner author blank he's the man that owns all the home depots
Does anyone know how he got to become to owner of the Phins?

Joe Robbie (rip) kids could not come to a common ground on how to run the team after
they father die and escrow tax on the Fin and there other property was huge.
Wayne sold off his interests in Waste Management and Blockbuster Video. His biggest ventures now are AutoNation and lots of South Florida real estate projects.
Just repeating what everyone else said.. Waste Management and and Blockbuster were two of Wayne's biggest ventures. Yes, Arthur Blank the Falcons owner is with Home Depot.
he sucks as an owner.

i felt so good booing his old *** on the marlins opening day in 98.
236 H W Huizenga 65 1.7 United States

H W Huizenga , 65 , self made
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Source: entrepreneur
Net Worth: $1.7 bil
Home State: Florida
Marital Status: married , 4 children

College dropout started Waste Management in 1962 with one used garbage truck. Bought 19-store Blockbuster Video chain 1984; expanded, sold to Viacom 10 years later for $8.4 billion. Now runs AutoNation, world's largest new and used car dealer. Got big boost from recent investment by money manager Eddie Lampert (see). Owner of pro football's Miami Dolphins.

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Not just waste management... waste management in Chicago [finger tapping side of nose].

My grandpa, a Sicilian descent meat packing plant owner in Chicago, used to say that garbage was something "the boys" controlled and that if you didn't play ball, garbage would get delivered.

I asked him about Wayne about 15 years ago. He claimed Wayne was a tool of the boys. It sounded like they made him, Wayne got his hands just dirty enough, and Wayne took advantage of the opportunities to go legit. He also said that Wayne was "forced to sell" his interest [finger tapping nose again].

just my 2 cents.
Wayne has a fat wallet. He also bought out John Elway's car dealerships for about 90 million dollars here in Colorado, so John has a nice chunk of change,,,,but it's nothing compared to Huizenga. I was impressed that Wayne wrote a check for one million dollars to help the hurricane survivors...sounds like he has his priorities just get us to the Superbowl.
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