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I am right

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Oct 12, 2001
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You Fin fans are scared of the Colts game on Monday. I see you people our talking more about the Jets then the fins game.
I am only scared that the Fins will be thinking ahead and not worried about stopping Marvin Harrison. We will beat the Colts, hopefully without a nailbiter.
Watching the Steelers kill the Jets would bring me greater pleasure than to watch the Dolphins play the Colts. Plus, you guys play on Sunday and us on Monday. I will get to watch your demise first. :evil: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! :fire:
Exactly 13, when the game is over on Monday the Fins will be far more concerned with NE that the nose-diving Jets :lol:
Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
I love how you all talk smack, but never what to back your words up.

You are such an a$$. :rolleyes: This is a board to express opinions. If you want hard facts, then go to www.espn.com or www.nfl.com and please get lost on your way back. :rolleyes:

You are like a pesky little fly. :rolleyes: You eat **** and then puke your opinions are over our board. :lol: Where the hell is my fly swatter?!?! :yell: :lol: :lol:

Well if this board is to express opinions

then let me express mine in regards to your post 13.
:lol: :lol: :lol: You're a trip.:cool:
Thanks JayDog

I attribute my attitude to my Sicilian heritage and an aggressive personality probably also due to my Sicilian heritage. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
There nothing wrong with giving your opinion, but you still have to back it up. At least that the way I see it.

Well in my opinion, I don't have to back up ****. :yell: If I had to back up why I thought Arizona would beat Oakland, then I couldn't. It was just a hunch and a lengthy amount of prayer. :D

Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
Your opinion is not that the Steelers will beat NY you are hoping.

Secondly, in my opinion, I think you should spend less time dissecting our opinions and spend more time learning sentence structure. It is hard for me to figure out half the **** you write.

Hmmm............Jets fan likes green and writes backwards a$$. Yoda is green and talks backwards a$$. Jets fan = Yoda :eek: Could it be that Yoda is a Jets fan after all? :eek: NOOOOO! :cry: LMAO :lol:
Jets fan you are a moron

Seriously how old are you. For a bet to be fair both sides have to wager something of equal value. So us staying off of our board is equal to you wagering to stay off of our board, yeah that sounds equal you pillow biting *****.

OK big man here's a bet, If the Dolphins lose I will stay off this board for a week, but if the Fins win you will stay off of here forever. Care to make that bet,"come on show some balls" back up your weak ass bravado. How's that for a bet.

By the way some other Jets fans I would not make this wager to because they have some valid points to make. Your just a moronic cumquad.
From the size of that bowl you showed me yes you can!!!! :lol: :lol: :p
Re: Re: Jets fan you are a moron

Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
I'll take the bet, but when the Jets win the AFC east I'm allowed back on. How that for a bet?

See.....you are strutting like a **** again!! :lol: :lol: :lol: Where did you go? I got some chicken feed for ya! :lol:

Ok Jets fan, here is a bet for you. I will bet you that the Jets will lose to the Steelers, if you bet me that the Colts will lose to Miami. Or better yet, how about if the Steelers beat the Jets, then the Colts will lose in Miami?


If a train is heading out of New York traveling at 75 MPH, and at the same time another train is heading out of New Jersey at 74 MPH, and both trains are going to Miami...does it really matter what time they both arrive, or is the important thing that these poor slobs are getting away from Jet country?

I will bet you ONE MILLION DOLLARS that Miadphan could beat you in a story writing contest. :D

The title of your thread here is correct I AM RIGHT.

Suck an Egg
This just in!

After reading Dolfan87's intellectual post, Jets fan's head spun out of control and eventually exploded. :eek: Shockingly enough, there wasn't much mess, but most of us weren't surprised at all. :lol:

I appreciate your compliment 87, but to beat Jets fan in a writing contest wouldn't be much of a feat. ;) I was more interested in solving your math word problem. :lol:
AHHH yes Maidphan, tis why I bet him 1 million dollars. See I just KNEW you would be able to smoke him, thus my exuberant bet.

You know, I was simply trying to back up my smack talk with an actual dollar amount. However, I highly doubt the small brain actually has a million dollars. Just a drop in the bucket to me though...excuse me while I wake up.
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