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I am rooting for the Jets


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Jan 9, 2002
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For two reasons and under one condition:

The Dolphins stay in the playoffs

a) I like another shot at the Jets this year
b) I want the Dolphins to host the AFC Championship game
Iceblizzard, you're forgetting one..........

Originally posted by iceblizzard69
And I would rather face NE then Pittsburgh.

thing. To be the best, you have to beat the best. And supposedly, the Steelers are the best team in the AFC. We probably would have to go through them anyway, even if we were to face the pansies.
Why are you here?

Originally posted by Dead Fish Stink
Why would you rather play the Pat's?Just curious?

My preference for the Pats is: to take on some revenge for the lost AFC East title.......

and for the other poster who said to take on the best...

If the Jets would beat the Stillers that would make them better...so essentially we would beat the best.

I have no fear of the Stillers. Playoffs will show that they are overrated....
Reasons to play (and beat) the Patriots

a) Revenge for the AFC East title
b) They are worse than the Steelers
Well I understand the revenge factor but be carful for what you wish for.

It's just amazing how caught up everyone is in the hype of Kordell's past.
Kordell has won 18 of 21 starting with the final 5 game's of last year and will continue to tear up defense's passing,running whatever it takes!
#1 Defense in the NFL
#3 Offense in the NFL
Running back' THE BUS,FU,ZUES,Witman,Krieder.Bower's lot's to play with!
If not the best thier the toughest front O-Line in the NFL and three deep at every position and without any visable drop off in talent!
If the STEELER'S lose in the playoff's it won't be because of one individual it will be a complete team letdown and very unexpected.
This STEELERS team has set new standard's,even the D's of the Super Bowl victories in the 70's did'nt stack up to this one statisticly!And not Swann or Stallworth or anyother STEELER reciever combo has ever done what PLAX and WARD have done,both are 1,000 + yard. rec. this season!GET IT TWO 1,000 YARD RECIEVER'S!!
Kordell must be doing something right!!!
Your logic is baffleling!
Originally posted by Dead Fish Stink
Why would you rather play the Pat's?Just curious?

Because if Oakland beats the Patriots, and we go on to beat Oakland in the AFC Championship game, the Patriot fans who come through here will always say that we were lucky we didn't have to play them to get to the Superbowl. We don't want them saying that. Nothing more nothing less.
I ,personally would wish for the oppurtunity to play both the Pats,and the Jets on our quest to the SB.Completely for the fact that they have beaten us this year.Steelers are a good team this year,but I'm not scared of our chances there.Just the thought of beating the other two teams,satisfy our teams needs better.
We played the Patriots twice, and we killed them once. If our team didn't turn the ball over so much in the second match, we would have been 2-0 against them and having a bye this week instead of facing the Ravens tomorrow.
For the most part, this game is over if the Raiders can score a TD since they are on the three yard line.:fire: After we beat the Ravens, I think we will move on to their rival, the Steelers.:fire:
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