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I can't wait till Wednesday...


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Jan 22, 2004
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when the entire regular season schedule comes out. I'm not a season ticket holder and live up in Orlando but I am still going to attend a couple of games. I hope we play the Jets and Fielder on opening weekend
That would be sweet if we played the Jets on opening week. It would be even better if Fiedler played.
Yep, I look forward to the schedule being released every year so I can start planning on which games I will go down for. It's really almost like the official start of the new season.

I know for sure I am heading to New Orleans, and at least 2 games in Miami. Now I can't wait until Wednesday so I can figure out which games it will be.
i want away to the Jets in November... for personal reasons... I'll be able to get to that game. :D
it is on nfl.com somewhere... busy(ish) at work atm.

Too busy to find the link, but not that busy so I can have a look on here :D
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