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I Got An O-line Thinker!!


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Nov 18, 2001
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Miami Lakes,FL
How bad is the switching of O-linemen in the off-season by Wanny looking now? I mean if it's not broke don't fix it right? Wanny's decision to let Richmond Webb and Kevin Donnelly go I think has finally caught up with the team. Webb, although high priced is a stalwart at left tackle and very solid!! Ask Marino!You don't make the pro-bowl your first 7 years in the NFL for nothing!This Folua at left tackle looked like he was was on rolling skates yesterday!!The rookie Andre Carter from CAL ate him up all day!! I knew it was a matter of time until some defenses caught up with his inexperience and shortcomings! I know the injury bug has hit them but there would have been quality depth!!Then Wanny releases Kevin Donnelly for his buddy from Chicago Todd Perry!! Who supposedly is a strong run blocker!Donnelly came off his best year as a DOLPHIN and the line was playing tough!(REMEMBER THE PLAYOFF INDY GAME) Perry has been unspectacular if not a step backwards from last year! The running game is a joke and now they don't know how to even pass block!!
Deffinitly Wanstedts biggest blunder was what he did to the o-line in the offseason. You just don't play games w/the oline. On offense you sure up your o-line then tend to wrs, qbs, and rbs. In Perry's defense he is not the only one. From Wade to Dixon to Ruddy they all have sucked this year. I have not seen any of them get a push off the line at all. It was apparent against Tennesee and it still was against the 49ers. I actully think Irwin is the only 1 on the line playing w/any heart. The 4holes we have opened all year started w/Heath. I think before we go out and try to find o-line men this offseason(probably at every postion) we should also go out and find a new line coach.
Todd Perry has been injured almost since day one. His knee is in bad shape. You just can't plan for injuries. Brent Smith was a real solid run blocker(better the Webb) and pretty good at pass protection. Donnalley is out for the year with a torn up knee, so that point is moot. Now we have Dixon with a busted leg, and you have a third string LT, a second string LG, along with an injured RG.

You can't blame Dave for injuries. If Brent Smith had stayed healthy, and Mark Dixon doesn't break his leg, and if Perry doesn't damage his MCL during the raider game, we probably have a great o line, with a way better running game.
It is a nice dream, but is Dead wrong. You could see the problems w/the o-line in the preseason. You could see them in the game against Tenn. At the beggining they couldn't run block, then said injuries happend and now we can't pass block either, but there were problem way before the injuries.
I am so tired of all this crap. Like the main page says, it's your opinion speak it here. So fine speak...believe what you want. I have had it with the negativity, and all the blame that seems to be flying around.

If you think that 20-9, along with a division title makes Wannstedt a crap coach who makes bad personel decisions, then go ahead.

I am off the boards until after Saturday, I am tired of all the whining.

06 it's all yours to moderate.
so we should have kept Webb and cut Bowens ? or let Taylor leave as a UFA or not signed McKnight and Ward and Marion. Webb is making 3 mil a year and wanted at least that much for awhile so he was not staying without scraficing lots elsewhere.
I didn't say we had to keep Webb, but to completely ignore the most important part of the team is wrong. I don't know about you, but I could deal w/out Ward's 10 receptions, and Marrion's 3 ints if we had a solid o-line.
if we had a solid O line, yes :D but that is a if
I hafta...

Agree with 87 here. Wanny didn't know 2 starters were going to be lost, nor did he know Todd Perry was going to stink the place up, Wanny is still a good coach. He's a winner. He didn't expect Spriggs and Smith were to be hurt, if he did, if he could miraculously look at the future or some crap he woulda signed some O-Lineman in the offseason. So plz, try to lighten up on him.
Fins O line

Bottom line the O line is worse this year than last year. If you want to run the ball then you have to have attitude. Our attitude is not like a Pittsburgh Steelers team who lines up and buries down your throat. If you are 300 lbs. and can bench press small cars and the guy your facing is 300 lbs. and can bench small cars then it comes down to who wants to win more. Apparently our opponents have the desire more than us. Our left tackle (forgot his name it changes every week it seems) is unacceptably awful. Nevertheless, he is all we have so hopefully he will get better.

Lets Beat New England and keep the train rollin. All is not lost yet. We still have hope and that can be a good thing.

Go Jay Fiedler, I like him and so should you
I agree!! That's my point!! The line is half what it was last year! As a moderator, 87 gets mad if you don't see it his way! If Brent Smith was better than Webb why didn't he start last year?? I know he is a solid left tackle and made strides in the offseason but don't tell me he's better than WEBB!! Give me a break! I think the COACHES know more than we do!! And I know Perry isn't better than Kevin Donnelly!! Kevin was tearing up in CAROLINA at the beginning of the year! Seifert said he was a key aquisition until he tore up his knee in week 3!! I know the injury bug has claimed this line and they have done okay with this MASH unit but that's my opinion in the offseason moves!!
Phinmaster, what does me being a moderator have anything at all to do with disagreeing with your post? I will tell you...nothing.

I don't agree with you plain and simple, if you want to get into the moderator thing, then I will point out to you that if I was THAT kind of a person I would be deleting all your posts.

I haven't and won't. You can sit there and tell me what YOUR OPINION of our offensive line is, and I will listen, but disagree.

Richmond Webb is an outstanding LT, always has been. What I said was that Brent Smith was a better run blocker. The coaches have said it, so I believe them. Why didn't he start last season? Well because Richmond is an experienced veteran who knows how to play in big games, and Brent was learning, developing. This last off season we had to let SOMEONE go, so it was either Webb, or Taylor, or Surtain ect ect...so they had to make a choice.

The fact that you keep bringing up Donnalley makes no sense to me. Where would we be right now if we had kept him? We would have a second string RG along with the third string and second string LT and LG.

this is not your style, you're getting rather testy, i think! besides i thought you were turning over the reins until saturday evening!:eek:
06, I am staying off for the most part, but this guy can't sit here and say I am playing the power trip cause I am a moderator.

I am not testy, I was a day or so ago, but today i am just trying to explain to Mr. Phinmaster that me being a moderator has nothing to do with my disagreeing with his lame post...lol :D
here is another opinion

from http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/...l-marvezqa.htmlstory?coll=sfla-dolphins-front

Q: If the Dolphins can clear cap room do you see them actively pursuing free agent offensive linemen?

A: I don't see the Dolphins pursuing a top-line free-agent offensive lineman, opting instead to upgrade the area through the draft and hope that Brent Smith, Mark Dixon and Marcus Spriggs could all return healthy for 2002. It's too early to tell the Dolphins' free agency plans, but the team must decide whether to re-sign Jay Fiedler, Lamar Smith, Kenny Mixon, Lorenzo Bromell and Brian Walker. As for Bowens, he is under contract through 2002.
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