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I guess we can stop


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Nov 12, 2001
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Worrying about the Jets now.... We have to focus on the Patriots...

They have the easiest schedule in the AFC now. Other than still palying us of course... I'm just glad they have thier bye week the week after they play us and not before....
The Jets are not a team to be overlooked..especially not now...We have to take care of business tonight and beat the Colts..That will guarantee eliminating them from any scenarios of them getting into the playoffs...Now we have to watch out for NE...The way they played yesterday..the never die attitude and confidence they had was amazing to me..Scared the **** out of me quite frankly...They have come up to be the 2nd best team in the AFC East with the Jets 3rd...That's big. So we need to keep focused on winning but we need to keep watching our backs cause we have 2 teams that are gunnin for us heading into these final games.........
The way the Jets offense is going, they won't make the playoffs,
looks like VT is afraid to chuck the rock downfield....

If the season were to end today

The Fins would play the JETS JETS JETS JETS how ironic.

The way they played yesterday was wierd, VT looks absolutely

Looks like The December demons are setting up camp in Hofstra..

But I have faith the Fat Lady has not gotten out of bed yet ;)
nyrican- If the playoffs started tomorrow and we win tonight, we would get a bye week and the Jets would face the Raiders. And we would be like 1 and a half games over the Patriots still, but they will play great football towards the end with their weak schedule and the still have a bye week upcoming.
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