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I had to do it.......

Do you want Deon Dyer to be cut?

  • No, We need this kind of physical guy especially w/the way our O-Line is.

    Votes: 21 80.8%
  • Yes,lets do what Norv's system does best.We only need pass catching Fullbacks.

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • I dont care about Deon Dyer and what happens to him.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
IMO, I think we are making a mistake if we let Dyer go. The guy is an excellent physical fullback (ala Sam Gash). If we bring in what Norv's sytem does best then maybe we will do good, BUT....Who's to say Norv will be here next year?.....
WCoast you are absolutely right. I've always liked Deon (even though he went to Chapel Hill) and I doubt Norv stays for more than 1 year maybe 2 ... I doubt he wantsta be 2nd bananna to Wanny.
Dyer deserve a chance to develop into a complete FB - he is still young and has the tools
I don't know about "has all the tools".....2 receptions in two years....doesn't bode well.....He did have 7(!) receptions his senior year though.....:rolleyes: ;)
Regardless, of what we "want", what will happen, will happen. Perhaps the question should have been worded, think, instead of want.

Personally, I love him as a player, and don't "want" him to be cut, but I "think" he will be.
I don't really know how to vote on this...

...but my view is that if he is used uni-dimensionally then the it telepgraphs the play to the D and makes it harder to get the yards. If there are going to be six backs, the more likely ones to go down are the ball carriers so I guess we need more depth at tailback.

If for no other reason than to help motivate the guy, this sort of view should get to his ears so he can work on getting more flexibility in his game.
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