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I have a question? need help.


thank you
Jul 31, 2004
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I know it sucks but i have to work saturday and i really want to catch the 1st round of the draft, does anyone know how long the 1st round lasts? i am going to take the longest lunch break in history lol how long can i expect to be gone?
Shamboubou said:
maybe friday night you should start to feel SICK. (cough, cough):D

trust me i have thought of everything the problem is at my job we are converting to a new computer system that day (thanks guys) and everyone has to be there i had that day requested off for like 4 mths then they come to me 3 weeks before the draft and say oh you have to work all day! it really does not matter because i will be on finheaven from the time i come in to the time i go home! work<dolphins
15 mins per team
32 teams
32x15 = a whole lotta lunch break
How long the 1st round takes depends on how long each team takes and what trades take place. Later in the round its unlikely that most teams will take the full 15 minutes.

Take enough food with you to work saturday so that you can spend 6-7 hours on your lunch break.

Then again, the only pick that counts is Miami's at #2 (unless we trade down) so the important part of the 1st round will be over in 30minutes. :lol:
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