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I have a question


The Human Bullet
Sep 2, 2001
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If the Miami Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl and won, would you still bitch about how we won it?
I don't even need a super bowl. Getting by the 2nd round, and then not getting imbarrased when we do lose is what is important. The reason I bitch is it is obvious this team has so much talent, but have an uncanny knack of beeting them selves. We have shown that we can over come all the injuries, but can't over come our selves. If we played a game, and just lost or won, but gave a good effort I would never bitch, but to watch them out play teams and still lose or barely win is fustraighting. I played a lot of sports as kid hockey and football in high school, and I would never get upset if the other team had more talent and just cleaned our clock because I knew we gave it all we could, but the better team won. The games that ate at my sould were games in witch I knew we should have won, but we just couldn't pull it together.
you're right

I think the problem with this team is that some members of the team just seem to believe that they have ALREADY proven themselves-such as JT and Surtain-who's interception was ridiculous, you should NEVER hot dog in the middle of the field like that! Dont get me wrong they are VERY talented players,I just think sometimes their heads are in the wrong spot. However, there are a few bright spots-such as ZT-the heart and soul of the Miami defense-this man DEFINITLEY wants a ring, I love watching him rally up the defense when everyone appears worn out or sometimes it seems-uninterested. Marion seems to have his heart in the game also. Offensively, I think Jay has alot of character, but doesn't it seem sometimes that the majority of the players don't give a damn?

If the Miami Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl and won, would you still bitch about how we won it?

of course i would, i'd raise the question of why it took them 16 years to go back and it should have been with marino! then i would go straight over to the jets and bills board and tell them how good we always are! :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:
Dajesus you are right on !, but I guess I would like to see us get to the big game since it has been 16 years and then worry about winning that one from there. We just need to play well and cut out the stupid mistakes. If we lose playing well in a reasonably close game, I can live.

To answer 87's question, if we win the SB like we beat Atlanta purely by luck and a few big plays, I will be rolling on the floor crying and laughing and screaming and generally :goof: freaking out anybody who is within 100 yards of me: in other words - No. :eek: :D
I only bitch when we lose games. If we went to the Super Bowl and lost, I probably wouldn't bitch about that because we would of made the Super Bowl.
you have to rememeber Flutie was less than spectacular all season, and their top 2 wrs have been plagued w/injuries all season.

my name is not inigo montoya, and i bitch whenever i get the chance, SO THERE!

if you had been married for 35 years, you would realize its fruitless to argue with thw BOSS!:D
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