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I recommend...............

I recommend...

we see if anybody is more reliable than Fiedler, till then, popsicles for everybody, save me the cherry ones!:goof:
cool article, but
Fiedler, Minor, Chambers... heck, I might even go as far as to say they could be better than Aikman, Smith, and Irvin...
no way, except CC c/b better than Irvin when all is said and done, but that is in 6-7 years. :rolleyes:
Haha, I knew that would get someone's attention...
My Logic: I stil lmaintain that Aikman is NOT that good. When you are surrounded by good people(O-Line, WR, RB) you will look good. Aikman had all those things. Jay Fiedler, well, we don't know what he has yet. There is a balancing act, people say that the QB is the most important positoin on the team on the basis that he touches the ball more than anyone. BUT! How does he get the ball? The offensive line. The center is going to touch the ball more than the QB, especially in the new NFL where trick plays are oh so common. Your offensive lilne has to be able to support the pocket on pass plays, and open a whole on the running plays. Our offensive line didn't do too well in either of those departments. The running game is evident in Lamar's horrible Yds/Carry avg, he picked it up with a couple big games, but his problems don't all fall on his shoulder. Fiedlers INT's don't all fall on his shoulders. Some were all his fault, but some were bad WR's, a bad decisions because some big fat defender is all in his face, and sometimes a defender just made an awesome play. Take everything in perspective, the offensive line is an unsung hero, they will make or break your team. In our case, they broke it, along with all of our injuries to the whole daggon team. Back to my original point, when surrounded by greatness, you become great. Aikman became great because of his whole team. Marino, was great despite the team, and now owns the entire QB record book. His team never won the big game, that should NEVER rest on his shoulders, unless he was Owner, GM, Head Coach, as well as QB... It just makes no sense.... So... Let me know what you guys think of my columns... If you have anything you would like me to write about, let me know.

Thanks guys!

PS: 13 is the nicest, and by far the sexiest person on these message boards! ;) :cool:

Aikman threw a lot nicer ball than Jay does, but Aikman (or anybody else) is no way in Dan's league.
the only decent stats you have on Aikman is from the early 90's with a healthy OL, young Emmit, young Irvin, young Harper, young Novetsek (sp???) and even Aikman was younger.

He maybe good for a team with a strong OL and a running game in place....

If you envision a solid OL on the Dolphins in 2002 and you base that as an argumentation that Aikman should be a QB then I have to ask how much better Fiedler and Lamar could have been with a solid (and somewhat resembling a starting) OL.

I am looking back on our season and I really have to say it is not that easy to evaluate our OL (and the O in general).

We know one thing: Jay has to play like he did in the second half of the season....I firmly believe he can do it.
With the lack of a running game he was put in a position to carry this team and our passing game became the one component which carried the team. As much as you want to diss Fiedler he had 5 "Marinoresque-like" 4th quarter comebacks....

We all know what that means trying to survive without a running game.....once we had Marino and he couldn't carry us to the promised land....you certainly can not expect any QB to do the same thing....

How do you really evaluate our OL with all those injuries? Just our starting lineup (if we ever would have had them at any point of the season) we were a notch below last year's OL. Yet I feel comfortable enough that without all these injuries we may have had a decent running game.

Don't forget...this team is build to be a power running game....and we were becoming a passing game.

Plus I feel with the departure of Gailey our offensen may become less predictable. I fault Chan for not being innovative enough. All season I was screaming for Minor to throw a couple of passes ...he's done it in college. Just to shake things up...we tried it once. He did not throw but caught the defense of guard and he ran for 10 or so yards.....
Where were the double reverses, the direct snaps, the WR double reverse, the "two backs" line up....where were those quick slants over the middle....where were our throws to the TE....our offense was as predictable and lacked the innovation of excitement as much as Martha Stewart having sex.

To go any where in the playoffs you have to run....all the teams left in the playoffs can do that. And you have to stop the run....we could neither.

So before I go QB hunting or promote Lucas (and he is really not the solution) I try to resign Fiedler (of course not at 5 million), shore up the OL, shore up the DL, put a more agressive approach inj our defensive strategy and maybe rather spend some dollars on Carter instead of Aikman.
The Rams or the Jets are the only 2 teams where I can see Aikman not getting pummelled into submisson and that is based on their OL and running games in 2001 (i think the Jets have several UFA on the OL).

Can anyone name a Super Bowl team that did not have a solid, if not great OL ? We need to get bigger and tougher on the O and D lines.
Originally posted by dolphan39
The Rams or the Jets are the only 2 teams where I can see Aikman not getting pummelled into submisson and that is based on their OL and running games in 2001 (i think the Jets have several UFA on the OL).

Can anyone name a Super Bowl team that did not have a solid, if not great OL ? We need to get bigger and tougher on the O and D lines.

No question...and if you consider that how wrong was Wannstedt by saying "we are not that far off"?

I think our major problems lie with OL and DL and the defensive scheme.

Our CB will total 13 million dollars next year if they don't renegotiate. Plus Zach and JT will make another 12 million.

Get a pass rusher (Simeone Rice is available), renegotiate some defensive contracts and get Gardner healthy. Move our safeties up and blitz more often (LB blitz, corner blitz). Let our CBs on an island and let them do what they do best....make plays. Surtain and Madison are the best tandem at CB out there.

Stop the run of opposing teams and make them as one dimensional as other teams made us.

On OL. I feel that our starting OL would be adequate but I want it back to the 2000 level.

This offense with a full training camp and one year together could go a long way. If Fiedler plays from the first kickoff the way he played in the second half of the season and a running game which is actually a thread to be recon with we could be an awful dangerous team.

In all fairness it'll be hard to evaluate Lamar...
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