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I still can't silence the critics around my work


Mark Clayton
Sep 3, 2001
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When I asked one of the janitors around here that I talk some football with about the game last night his response was "They didn't play anybody..They played the Colts...Miami didn't play good they got lucky"....Another response from another guy around here was "Manning threw that game away..The Colts played lousy"....Why do I feel like that is going to be the typical response from alot of people today :rolleyes:...I guess it comes with the territory..Bottom line is this...yes we played the Colts..but they came to play as well. If your playing a divisional opponent playoff bound (Miami) then you are going to try and knock down their chances to get into the playoffs. The Colts were trying to win the game...if they weren't then they would have just stood there all night. If the Colts are really so bad..how come they almost knocked off Baltimore..ya know. They were a force to still look out for and we played FANTASTIC in my mind. That's all that matters...I know we played good and we need to repeat what ever changes we made last night to get to that level. Besides...that Janitor had room to talk..he's a freakin Cowboys fan :goof: (No offense to my brother..of course I don't knock his team in front of him..I have more love for him;))
I finally silenced a couple of my friends(Cowboy Fans),But I cant seem to silence my cousins (SF Whiner Fans) but after next week one of us will be silenced!:evil:

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