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I think build a offense to give our Defense a few more minutes to rest .


Apr 17, 2018
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Black Hills
Playing around with draft simulators . I would like this draft to do just that , sustain drives have depth.
I did no trade downs , but I’m sure there will be some offers for pick three.
I am now concerned Jets fans will be screaming for Davonte Smith at pick 2.
Last night showed so much talent so if we trade down I would like to get one of these also.
DL Barmore. Beast
Lb Browning.
Sleeper Rb. Master Teague looked good
Watching Bamas Center thru the years and seeing him just to get to do a coin toss ( injury ) I Would love him to anchor line for a decade
what a specimen 6-6 320 and fluid athlete .
We need to build a offense to pound Buffalo and keep Josh Allan off the field for the next ten years.
Man I don’t want to fall into a decade of Kelly and Bills or Brady and Pats
Our GM. and Coach I do trust and Beleive they will get this draft right.
A wounded Waddle Can him or DevontevSmith stay healthy is the question i have? If we get one of them.
How will salary cap effect us
Do we trade for future picks to keep the draft clout to reload at high dollar positions ?
all this discussion is just that wishes and hopes, but now we wait for the draft and hopefully a full offseason.
Since Shula years I feel we have a Coach , He is a leader , and he is not afraid of doing what he thinks needs done.
Kudos to Chris Grier, look at the draft success last year , a pandemic filled year to bring on a QB coming off a major injury
New Defense Coordinator who did a great job I would say , wondering what the new Offensive Coordinator will bring.
Hopefully a nasty demeanor to Win the line of scrimmage.

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