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I thought Isaw Wanny apologize to Mora

What is your guys is take on the apology?.....

I think he didnt have to I meen its all buisness.
besides mora would have done the same.
not sure why you apologize when the Colts' packed their bags early, but they messed up the caption on the pix:
Pressure by Dolphins DT Henry Taylor caused Colts QB Peyton Manning to throw his 18th interception.

it was David Bowens a great last minute signing as he seemed to be our 2nd best pash rusher behind #99.
I agree...

ist out fault the Colts let us have one drive that lasted 10:16 seconds in the fourth... That was incredible. That last score was
pure determination by Konrad. Wanny was just tring to give them the ball as deep a possible....
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