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I Truly Believe we need...........


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Sep 3, 2001
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a new defensive coordinator. With the secondary we have, we should have the #1 defense in the league. We should be blitzing our linebackers and safeties giving the QB's little time to make a decision. We should be crowding our safeties closer to the line of scrimmage stopping the run. Other teams would kill to have the kind of secondary we have, but what good is it to have them if we don't utilize the rest of the defense right!

I think our DC is a wuss and is afraid of taking chances. I want to see our LB's with good sack totals like Pitt, Philly, NO, and Cleveland's defenses. And you know if our LB's are putting pressure on the QB, then our vaunted secondary would have a lot of interceptions...

i.e. Cleveland's secondary leads the league in interceptions with 31, and that's partially because their LB Jamir Miller has 13 sacks. When you put pressure on the QB, he will be forced to make a decision before he is ready and that will lead to either a sack or an interception.

How many people will go to the games to watch our D pound the opponents offense into submission leaving them frustrated and banged up? I know I do.

The problem is we don't use our LB's correctly and the Fins have to address that problem quickly. We need a new DC with a agressive defensive scheme, because the scheme we are using now is too soft. Wannie said in a post game interview, "we made the adjustments during halftime by moving our safeties closer to the line to stop the run, and it worked". Duh, it doesn't take a genious to figure that out. Why wait till halftime to make that adjustment? I could tell it wasn't working during the first quarter and they shouldn't have waited till halftime to make that change, they already scored 20 points then.

I have faith in our offense to put points on the board now, last year wasn't the case when our best weapon was Olindo Mare, we hardly ever see him now (only on kickoffs), so I know our offense has improved and will continue to get better, but if our Def. scheme would get more aggressive, we would be giving our offense the ball more and our offense would put more points up on the board as well.

Just my feeling on my beloved Fins. What does everyone else think? GO FINS:D
We've been playing the bend-but-don't-break defensive philosophy for a few years now. It is designed for a conservative offense and it's main objective is to make it harder to hit the big play. It forces teams to put together long drives in order to score, thus making field position very valuable. Our whole team is built around that philosophy.
What you are saying is basicly what teams do to us, bring the safeties up in run support, blitz a backer, let your corners cover their man one on one and dictate what the offensive does by setting the tempo of the play. It's an attacking defense that is very good against an offense that is one dimensional as a running team. Like ours tries to be. The problem is, this defense can be destroyed by a "west coast offensive system" or a team with a great QB and passing game.
It's a fun defense to watch when it works right but when it doesn't........:cry:
Pick your poison.
Great point infinsible....

I'm very aware of everything you said. You are right on point. I don't like our defense to be one dimensional. That's all we do is worry about giving up the "big play". While we are doing that, we are getting killed on the ground and not causing any turnovers. I'd rather have the attacking D that will set the tempo of the game than a conservative D that will put our conservative offense in bad field position. But, if the Fins did decide to go with that scheme, than they have to be able to adjust or change schemes on the fly and not wait till halftime to do so like they did against New England. Personally, I would like to see that kind of change on defense, but I still love them no matter what scheme they go with. GO FINS!!!!

Well said... I couldn't agree more!!! I i felt this way since the beginning of the year....

like i said on some post before

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