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Mar 7, 2008
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Boston, MA
From when Miami was a playoff contender year after year, from the late JJ and early Wannestedt ERA.

Some really struck me. Miami got SO many breaks from the officiating during that time period. The calls were mind-bogglingly horrid, too.

1) 1998 in the wild-card game, in the year before instant replay, The refs ruled incorrectly that Andre Reed had not scored in the fourth quarter. Then, Reed was called for a personal foul for arguing the call.

2) 1999 against the Colts in the regular season, the refs ruled incorrectly that Marino had attempted a forward pass, when he had fumbled, which set up the winning score to Oronde Gadsen.

3) 2001 against the Falcons clinching the last playoff berth of the Wannestedt ERA. The refs didn't call a fumble that led to a Miami touchdown in the first half. Then, Bernie Kukar, inexplicably ruled that the Falcons did not score on a third down play that would have tied the game, though the replay CLEARLY showed he had.

4) 2002 against the Colts, during another goal line stand, the refs incorrectly ruled that Edgerrin James did not score on a third down run.

5) 2003 against the Patriots, Derrius Thompson was ruled inbounds even though both his feet landed out of bounds.

I have wondered about NFL conspiracies for some time.

Maybe they have some weight
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