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I went to Wed. practice, and.......


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Apr 3, 2002
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And I'll have a bunch of things to report a little later.

I HAD A MISERABLE DAY (other than todays practice), on the way home my darn truck OVERHEATED!!!!! I spent three hours trying to get home, and when I got out of the towtruck I dropped my brandnew cell phone and he RAN IT OVER!!!! [:

I have a bigtime headache. and will skip fishing this evening to take a long NAP!

Here is a little tease from today, and lets see who can guess it!

Someone threw 6, I REPEAT, SIX Td's in todays practice!!!! Who do you think it was? While your at it who do you think caught them?

Anyway some good and bad to report from today on both sides of the ball......I'll catch you folks later!

Sorry to tease ya'll with this but man I got to get rid of this headache!!
Please, please, please say it was Jay!

...and sorry about your day Bro....some of 'em be's like that.
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what a tease :stooges:

sorry to hear 'bout your truck :(

waiting to hear all :eat:
It can't be Levcik...He doesn't look like he knows which way this ball is going...it looks like he is looking one way and throwing another.....He IS making a good "Marino Face" though...:lol:
Ok I'll tell you who

Ok first of all I will tell you guys who was involved with the 6 Td's. One being Jay Fiedler, the other being Chris Chambers, and at the wrong ends were, Sam Madison once, Jamar Fletcher 4 times and the last one was right between three defenders, on a time running out 25 second inside the 20 drill. And it could have been 7 Td's had Chambers not dropped one right in his hands on a post pattern......perfect timing between JF, and Chambers on this one, just too bad CC dropped it!

My first take will be on the Qb's
Originally posted by ckparrothead
All 6 TDs were to Chambers???

Yup, you read it correctly, and it could have been an easy 7.

But don't everyone get there hopes too high because I have some bad things to report as well, and that includes Jay Fiedler
OK don't mean to be pushy, but are we going to get the scoop?!?!?! Or is this just a big tease?!?!?!
give the guy some time, he is hurting with a headache, and the last thing I want to do with a headache is stare at a computer screen.


But anytime you feel up to it Ozzy, you just let us know...tap ...tap tap
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