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I would like to MOD...

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Oct 18, 2002
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Possible for the Miami Dolphins section, if not can I be on the waiting list or something. Also if you decide to make a dynasty/franchise (see Complaints,Suggestions section) I can Mod that since I am on much and will be in and out of there alot to update my dynasty and read other's as well.
I could be a mod too. I have no job and I really don't leave the house much. I pretty much suck right now. I mainly hang in the main forum. So that would be best.

Thank you, drive thru......
I think you have to be a mentor before you can be a mod....or at least mentors have the first option......and second, you can't just start in the Super Bowl, you have to go through training camp first........First you get to mod the Help wanted forum....;)
I want to be a moderator. Can you be one for free?
I too would be interested in being a moderator if my assistance is needed. I am always on, and partacipate often. In fact, I believe this is my 50th post (Woo Hoo! 50 posts) in the month or so that I have been a member. For general backround information, I am also a member of the Utopia Temple forums, a public forum exactly like this about the game Utopia. The forum is the exact replica of this, except, it has stricter rules and warning points. I have been a member there for several months, and have never recieved a warning point. I am active and follow the rules.
being mod

If you have to ask to be a MOd then you don't have mad skillz to get you noticed by the staff.. :shakeno:
:lol: Wow this post is almost a year old and it has been ressurrected.
See above post. Sometimes asking is what it takes.
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