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If Dave a good coach?


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Dec 18, 2001
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Once again it is our offense that is the problem. I heard an interesting stat on the raido the other day. Quiz: How many offensive starters do we have from JJ's four drafts? A: one, Rob Konrad!

The problem continues to be the OL and the running game. I'm not high on Fiedler, but we will never see his potential untill he's given an OL and franchise RB. The on;y two guys that are decent on the OL are guys we've drafted in the 1st three rounds (Wade & Ruddy). This past draft Wanny drafts fletcher who is not even playing. And then gives up next years 2nd round pick for an OLB that so far has not played well at all. That's not to mention the 3rd round pick he used on the guy. So, in essence, we lost a 2nd round and 3rd round pick on Greenwood, who's not very good to begin with, and worse, wanny ignored the offensive needs. Lamar Smith is not a starting or franchise RB.

If this next draft Wanny doesn't commit to and make drastic changes on offense, I say we need to get rid of him. We need a stud LT and G, and a stud RB. The bad part is, we really should draft a QB or DT in the first round this year, but because of his poor decisions, we can't.
The good goes with the bad. You have to give Dave credit for picking up guys like Todd Wade, Chris Chambers, and Travis Minor. Then mix in James McKnight, and our offensive firepower is double what is was last year.

Is Lamar Smith really that bad of a RB, or is the O line just not blocking well enough?

I know Gardener is always saying he is a Pro Bowl Tackle, but maybe his back will heal up right this time since he is not jumping right back into the games. With the entire offseason to get healed, it's a possibility that Daryl and Tim could dominate again in the middle of our d line.

I am also defering judgment on both Greenwood and Fletcher until next season. Some rooks just take a little time to adjust, and if you want to point to a linebacker who isn't playing up to snuff, take a peek at Zach these days. He was the one burned for two touchdowns against the 49ers. He did lead the team in tackles, but missed out on the big plays.

I say go offensive tackle in round one, then go offensive guard in round 3, fill in the holes on the O line, and try to get Lamar back at a fair price (shouldn't be hard) and then either see what Lucas can do at QB, or check out Cade and see if he learned anything this year.
That coment about Zach was un called for at least! We are lucky that he is still on the field, and has been commited to ahospital for exhaustion. Besides Rogers geting the tackle on Garcia after he ran around 4 10 mins when was the last time anyone has called his name. Greenwood I wouldn't even know he was on the feild if I didn't taoe the games. I'm not trying to post negativity, it is just that you are taking a shot at the only guy on our defense that is playing w/any enthusiasm. When anyone else on the d makes more than 3 tackles a game they can blame Zach for missing 1.
That TD Zach gave up to the TE was perfectly defended. Zach had the coverage, but it was just an absolutely perfect pass. Nothing you can do against a perfect pass.
I haven't heard nor can I find a single article about Zach being in the hospital for exhaustion. I was pointing out that Zach was the one covering on that TD, and no he wasn't in perfect position, because if he was he would have batted it down. He played the TE to shallow, and there was enough room over his head for Garcia to put the ball right where it needed to go.

Hey look, I love Zach, he is by far our best player on the defense, my point was simply that he has been missing more then a few tackles, and his coverage isn't what it used to be.

I don't hold a single player on our team up on a pedestal, and there is not one player that I won't critique, including Zach, and that included Dan Marino when he was playing. If you don't notice these things, then you can't fully understand why certain games are won and lost.

Again, please don't think I am blaming Thomas for the 9ers loss...that was a whole team effort there, I have just been noticing his play slowing down lately.
Exactly, he is the only 1 on the d making plays on a consistent basis, he is strugleing w/the fact that he has to serve two gods. If he commits to the run no one else picks up the coverage. If he drops back, no 1 makes the play on the rb. I am being dramatic of course, but no one is making plays on the d. (The hospital comment was sarcasim) I really think he feals he has to do everything this year on d, and it's affecting him. Rodgers and Greenwood combined have 20 less tackles than Zach. I know the mlb should lead the team, but thats crazy, due to the fact that every offense we play keys in on Zach. Also your point about Zach missing coverage on the td, before you start making allegations that I know nothing about football, you should look at the tape of that play. It was zone coverage, and Zach was releasing him to Brian Walker who stood there like a deer in headlights, while the te ran by him, Zach reconized Walker was froozen and tried to pick up the coverage again, and came damn close. I know Zach isn't perfect, and is not above critisism, but right now I would look at a few other players on the d before I take aim at Zach.
Dajesus, I can tell by your posts that you have a good knowledge of football, so I did go back and look at the tape, and your right. Brian Walker was running behind Zach, and then seemed to stop like he was looking for something, and didn't put himself in position to make a play.

The only thing I am not sure of is if Brian was responsible for a zone. If they were playing zone, then each defender would take a section of the field, and then I could understand if Walker was reluctant to leave his area.

This is one of those things we will never get answered cause I don't have access to either Zach or Wannstedt.

Either way, I am not trying to lay blame on Thomas, like I said earlier, he just seems to be slowing down. He is still my favorite D player regardless.
a little off topic, but so is this thread :rolleyes: Taylor has played as well as Zach this year if not better and to some degree Surtain. Greenwood, for the most part Rodgers and Walker have all done way too little.

Also, Drafts/signing are strictly things that a GM does not a coach. So if the ? is is Dave a good GM, well he shares that w/Speilmann to a degree and he has not been doing it for us long us to judge that too well. But he did inherit a defense that makes 2/3 of the team's pay and and O that had 1 Shula holdover (Ruddy), 1 draft pick (Konrad), 1 RFA signee (Goodwin) and 3 UFA signees (OG, Dixon and Donnelley) from JJ and that is all. I would say he is a good coach and GM given what he has to work with.
Zach played too shallow, or Zach is too short?

1. Zach is short. He can in theory never pass defend agaiinst someone who's 6'2" or taller if the ball is thrown perfectly. Also, consider he's a MLB and not a saftey. Zach had very good coverage on that play, it was just a great pass to the right spot. You say shallow, I say if he's 3-4" talller he batted it down.

2. Either way, I think we are both on the same page. However, the defense really isn't my problem. We simply need an offense....
the run D has been a problem...the pass D has been pretty darn good
I don't think the offense or the defense is the problem as a whole. The problem is getting both ides of the ball to step up in the same game.
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