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If I were Saban....


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May 1, 2002
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If I were Saban I would want reports out on discontent of Feeley. I would want all the speculation in the world to occur as to Miami drafting a quarterback. It is the highest form of Poker in the NFL. Same goes for Edwards, Brown, or M. Williams. Get the word out (misinformation that is) that Miami could go with anyone of those guys.

Any real hope of trading down may depend on it. And if you don't think speculation enters in with the GMs look at Miami's draft last year (4th rd pick to Minnesota to move up and pick Carey when he would have been there anyway in all likelihood).



Dec 20, 2004
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I disagree trading down is more about a team wanting a certain player as in your example it wasnt minnesota saying they were going to draft Carey it was the rumor that NE was interested that made Miami move up.

The art of the trade is a team "wanting" to move up finding a team willing to move "down" remember the team in front has the advantage.

It's funny to me how many here think miami needs to put out misinformation to make a team want to trade up to miami's spot.

Think anout it for one minute...say Tampa Bay(thats the new rumor) hears miami wants a QB and SF is interested in a QB if Miami truly feels the best player for them is say Alex Smith and now come draft day SF picks Rogers, now why would miami trade away the chance to draft the player they have for months felt would be the best player for them?
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