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If Poole did return in October . . .


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Do you think he would be able to make any contribution to the team considering the time of absence, the new defensive schemes, and the nature of the injury? If the DOlphin staff does decide to reevaluate him in October, then they must kknow something we dont. T-buck could fill the gap untill Poole heals.

Then again this all just reminds me of when whispers of Boston possably returning in October/November were reported after his imjury last season.
t buck is going to be a phin again, while he did win a ring with the pats and he did come back later fo r a short stint, he loves miami the most so he will probably retire with miami....
I'd like to see T-Buck as a Phin again. If not, Ty Law ain't bad. I hope Boston returns too.
If Poole is able to return I think he will slowly be able to get back in the groove of things and missing time won't be a major situation. The problem is... I don't think he'll be back so early, and I think with a knee injury/ACL he may very well be out much longer, so I'm not really counting on him being back in October, but if he is... that would be excellent.
It might be better to not risk anything and have him sit a year. It all depends on how we do down the stretch.
Poole will be there and learning. He probably can't be more than a nickel or dime sort of guy even if he can come back so quickly, but he should be prepared to fill a role like that. They'll bring him back at a pace that makes sense for his long term future and won't ask too much of him.
No to Toast Buck; Id rather see Poole out there on 1 leg. If we can grab Law @ a decent price, thats great, otherwise find a suitable filler like a Dewayne Washington (for ex. since hes available) or wait til June 1.

If Poole does come back in Oct. its cause hes ready; I dont think saban is dumb enough to jeopardize his career. I wont rule out anything after Berkman (Houston Astros) came back in like 6 months from his ACL tear/surgery so yea I think theres hope that poole wont miss the year. Of course every surgery and rehab is different but 6 months puts Poole on pace for an early November return. Its up to Poole and his body to work hard and if his body will allow it.
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