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If Royals Price Is Right...he May Be Signed.


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Jan 27, 2002
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The punting situation was surely addressed this past week---
as the DOlPhins scouts just about eye-witnessed every single available punter coming out for this years draft...out at a kicking combine that was held out in Utah.

The DOlphins will be bringing in veteran punter MARK ROYALS in this week....and if the price is right....he may be signed. From what I understand....they liked his Punting style...very similar to that of Matt Turk's.

From what I am hearing....the Dolphins have pretty much parted ways with MATT TURK.

If ROYALS is not signed....and there is no punter on the roster by Draft day.....there is no doubt in my mind that the Dolphins will try and draft Purdue's.....TRAVIS DORSCH...with that extra 5th round, comp. pick. DORSCH is the guy they want.....I heard from OLINDO MARE at the signing that he was the most impressive of the group that was brought in.

Yes...TE MATT SCHOBEL was impressive....as a lot of you I see now having him being taken with our third pick. They also like Doug JOLLEY also. They would like to snag this big, strong guard...RICHARD WILLIAMS in the 4th round...he looked good in his workout....would become the strongest man on the team...if they can get him..guy can bench up 225 pounds...45 times...but he is raw..and will have to watch for a while.

I am hearing that Guard Todd Perry will be a JUNE 1st cap casualty. Searcy...if he stays healthy...is starting at RG. They did not bring in Searcy as a backup. They think JAMIE NAILS can make the team this season...and ANTHONY CESARIO is also healthy now...and was showing steady imrpovement until he went down injured. There is no way PERRY is making the same money....as a backup to Searcy.

If you throw in BLAKE BROCKEMYER into the LT job....its really going to get interesting. That is a crowd of recently injured Lt;s...

Thats all for now...

OH MY G*D!!! Did I not say that we should go after Mark Royals?!?! :rolleyes: Thank you to the Dolphins for finally listening to me!!! :D
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Why are you censoring the word god? :lol:
g-d damn it, I do the same thing. :p

DCH - once again some great insight though I thought teams keep the late draft picks closely guarded so that other teams will not become interested just because you are.

Perry being a 6/1 casualty make sense since they certainly seem to be looking to spend $$$$ that we do not have; and with DG not re-negotiating that means that somebody(s) is on the way out.
Royals would be good..............It is hard to believe he started out in Pittsburgh.... :cool::evil:
I wonder what Todd Perry's June 1st cap savings will be. Because right now, cutting him would only save us $100K.
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