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if RUDDY has a good year



if TIM RUDDY has a good year like in 2000, do you guys think we will keep him and let MCKINNEY move to guard next year???...DIXON and SEARCY are free agents next year...NAILS signed a 2 year contract and is only 27...i believe we will draft a lt with our 1st pick in next years draft...does anyone know if JOHN JACKSON has anything left in the tank????...cincy just cut him....he may be a good insurance policy...

I was hoping they'd cut Richmond Webb instead of John Jackson. Yes, John Jackson still has something left in the tank and would be good depth a la Harry Swayne but don't expect him to battle for the start or anything. He's a risk because of heart problems but was recently cleared to play by doctors. He took last year off I think because of the heart thing. He's been in the league since 1934 so I'm thinkin he might retire in the wake of this cut.

DAMN! I was REALLY hoping they'd keep Jackson and cut Webb. I WANT WEBB TO FINISH HIS CAREER A DOLPHIN!!!!!

Right now with the depth at guard it makes sense to let McKinney back up at center for the year but once he gets acclimated to the speed of the NFL and gets some strength training in, a move to guard is certainly not out of question. Searcy probably gone after this year. Dixon maybe. Perry maybe gone too who knows.
it depends on $$$$ - remember that Freeman was supposed to be our starting FS until Brock came back :D If Ruddy wants to re-sign for a reasonable amount. heavily backloaded, I could see your scenario panning out; otherwise, we did not draft McKinney to be a backup. Of course, McKinney's 2002 performance when given the chance will be a big factor in this as well.

Jackson sounds like he's ready to retire - heart problems :eek: :help:
I didn't think Ruddy was going to be a free agent after this year...didn't we give him a large contract just before 2000?
Originally posted by ckparrothead
I didn't think Ruddy was going to be a free agent after this year...didn't we give him a large contract just before 2000?

Yea, he's signed until 2004, but you know contracts are not guanteed in the NFL and at his salary, if he does well, with Mckinny, we still have the luxury of letting him go and saving some cap..So the ? is a good one, if he has a pro bowl like season do we let him go..??
Searcy is signed until 2003 also...according to phins.com
72 Leon Searcy G 6-4 320 sign until 2003 11 years exp. col.: Miami

I like the fact we may have some contenuity for a change..Bottom line keep Ruddy, unless you sign another McKinny type center and then trade Ruddy for something good, like maybe a LT.
I think Ruddy is sign until end of 2004 season ........
You a better question is what if Brent Smith has a great year..supposely that he starts..then what..are we set for a couple of years..I do think Dixon may retire within the next 2 years...Nails is still young..if he stays committed I can see him on this team for awhile.
Well the question assumes that we are definitely cutting Ruddy if he doesn't have a pro bowl year, and that the only way he could possibly save his job is to have a pro bowl season. If Tim Ruddy returns to Pro Bowl form, he's not being cut. Period. Not in favor of a 2nd year 3rd round pick who didn't see much if any playing time. Even if Ruddy still does solid, we'd probably wait til after June 1st to cut Ruddy, and we'd have to get a good look at Seth in game conditions to do it I think.
Honestly, these are some good questions, but there is no way to have the answers at this time. We have to wait and see how they perform this year, before we can even think about their status for next year.

For example: What is Searcy has an all-pro year, this year? You wouldn't get rid of him next year.

So, it is good speculation, but we don't have the answers at this time to make any reasonable judgements.
Searcy signed a one-year contract for min. and only counts 450K against cap. If he signed a two-year deal he wouldn't have gotten the cap credit.
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