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If we get a first round bye....


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Nov 19, 2001
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With our smashing victory against Barffalo and divine intervention to propel the Panthers over the Pats, the first round bye shall be ours! I don't remember when we had one of those babies. Oh yeah, don't forget that this week is the only week we will be cheering on the Raiders! Seattle too! They should both win! :D

Let us pretend that everything goes in our favor. Here is how is pans out.

Wild Cards:
(6)Seattle @ (3)Oakland
(5)Baltimore @ (4)New England


If Oakland wins, we play them automatically. If they lose, then we host the winner of Baltimore and New England. Pittsburgh will play the lowest seed to advance no matter what.

I pose this question to all of you, who do you want to play most? Do we get revenge against Oakland for last year? A chance to reedem ourselves against New England in our house? Or simply take down the defending champs and put them out of their misery?

Personally I want Oakland to pay for last year, and if all goes well we can destroy New England in the AFC Championship! Then let Wanny take on his old team in the New Orleans baby! (Yes I live in Chicago, but the Bears are definitely Super Bowl caliber this year.)
I just want Miami to get past the Second Round of the playoffs this year..............................

Originally posted by miadphan13
I want the Dolphins to play the Raiders in OUR house! :evil: :fire:
a 2nd round win ag. the Raiders would be sweet :D
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