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if we tie the jets are we in the playoffs

Yeah, three teams in a division can go to the playoffs. It is the 3 divisional winners, and then the three teams in the conference with the best records that didn't win their conference. The only way we won't go to the playoffs is if we lose our last two games and having other teams win the rest of their games. And, we play Atlanta and Buffalo, so we are going to the playoffs.
Jets play Indianapolis tonight!!! Go Colts!!!!!!!!
Sooo Sorry Flyin11, dont mean to put coal in your stocking but we won!:D Happy Holidays to you and all Fin Fans! Lets say a prayer to the 9/11 victims and survivors also to our Boys overseas Amen!
Yeah..I actually watched a LITTLE of the game LOL I turned it before halftime cause I couldn't stand it :p I saw the end and I will keep my comments to myself :rolleyes: No lump of coal in my stocking this year though hehe Maybe for my football team but I'm good to go ;) Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone! It's Xmas eve already :eek: Thank you to our troops over seas for fighting for our freedom and putting their lives on the line for us :cool: :(
Merry Christmas

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