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If We're To Trade Down...


What you say?
Jan 22, 2003
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Wouldn't it be easier if we asked for young players+lower picks than outright asking for team's drafts? As it seems this is the top 4 in no order:

1- Rodgers
2- Smith
3- Edwards
4- Brown

While those players have done well in workouts and improved the value of the #2 overall, this draft still is a bit lacking in star power for teams to trade up for.

So my question is wouldn't it make sense for us to ask for young players for other teams to move up?

An example of this is Arizona. Now that John Clayton reports that Arizona has completed a deal to get Henry for Shelton, Arizona might want to get their QB. Arizona could definitely want to move up to our spot to ensure Alex Smith. However, according to the value chart we'd have to take quite a bit from them including their 2+3 plus a 2 next year. That's not likely to happen anytime soon as Smith is not as sought after as Manning was last year.

A better idea could be asking for Bryant Johnson (a 1st in 2003). He's not going to start next year with Boldin and Fitzgerald, however he is a very good #2-#3 receiver who's young. Why not ask for him since Green holds no allegiance to him (McGinnis pick). Then we could ask for Arizona's early 3rd rounder and a possibly a 4th next year. That would even out the trade nicely.

After that the options we have are much more significant. Teams like the Chargers, Cowboys, and Texans might want to move up for possibly Marcus Spears, Derrick Johnson, and Alex Barron respectively.

If we can jump down into the 11-13 range we can take Travis Johnson and this time we'll get possibly a 3+5 in that deal.

We end up with

1- Best Defensive Player Available and maybe even Cedric Benson if Ricky isn't coming back...
2- hopefully from Surtain deal
3- from Bears
3- from Arizona
3- from Houston/Dallas/San Diego
4- our natural 4th
5- our natural 5th
5- from Houston/Dallas/San Diego
6- maybe for Jeff Zgonina
7- our natural 7th

My point is for us to be able to trade down we have to be accomodating to whatever team wants to trade up.
Another scenario could be simply asking for the Browns to give us Jeff Faine. The new coaching staff seems high on Melvin Fowler. That could definitely give us a much better player at C.
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