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I'll Just Sit Back And Laugh


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Sep 2, 2001
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I've cooled down a ton since the game. I went to school with my head held high, not just because we had exams and I had to be in a good mood, but this week is another game... not the end of the season.

Me hearing that you guys want to change quarterbacks, when we are 9-4 is making me go insane. No, I'm not saying Jay is the best quarterback. However, throwing in another quarterback would not do us any better now. Lets see, put in Lucas who only comes in for short yardage plays, would play his first game against a very good Patriots team. Putting in someone who never has played a full game, or for that matter a full quarter, is just insane!

OMG, the Dolphins lost terribly to a team, and we all blame Fiedler. I'm not going to even try and point out that the rest of the team is to blame... tried that, but you all are too stuborn to see that. So, we'll say its all Jay's fault.

Further, you're gonna tell me that he is Mr. Automatic. As dolfan87 said, even Peyton Manning is having a horrible season, but you don't see their fans or coaches saying "PULL PEYTON". WHY? Cause Colts' fans see that they don't have a very good running game or defense, so, having Peyton in the game gives them the best chance at winning week in and week out.

Right now, Fiedler gives us the best chance week in and week out to win a game. He has every intangible to bring something extra to the table to give us the best chance. Whether that costs us losing four, thats right the BIG FOUR games, he can win games. End of discussion.
screw that AJ, I say we just throw Cade in there now. I mean really there is no way we are going to win the Super Bowl with "Mr. Interception" running things, might as well get Cade some game experience.

Peyton might be struggling, but he still has a ton of yards and TD passes, Jay can't say that for himself.
Yeah, but Peyton throws a lot more. Peyton has struggled and shouldn't be throwing those interceptions, but you have to consider that he throws way more than Jay Fiedler, because he is a lot better than Jay Fiedler.
87, I agree with you but on the other hand........

Originally posted by dolfan87
screw that AJ, I say we just throw Cade in there now. I mean really there is no way we are going to win the Super Bowl with "Mr. Interception" running things, might as well get Cade some game experience.


You also have to take into consideration we are playing our 3rd left tackle of the season. Our whole offensive line has been a patchwork job at best this year. Tim Ruddy and Todd Wade have been playing through nagging injuries as well. I will say that I believe that Jay isn't the long term answer, but in his defense, he doesn't have the running game to take the pressure off of him.
Aj if you are comparing Feidler to Manning it's true Peyton has more picks, but he also has more tds. His int to td rario is better. I think it's all trivial any way. They can't be compared, they play a different syle offense. One throws twice the amount of passes. The last, but most important reason the disgushing is faliable, is when you run a wide open offense like the Colts, ints come w/the plan, and have to be expected. You just hope you can out gun the other team in the long run. When you play a ball control game, ints ruin your whole game plan. Dave plays for feild postion, he would rather punt than kicking a 45 yard feild goal, when an int is thrown anywhere but the red zone, it ruins Dave's whole game plan. Time for my disclaimer, I'm neither bashing or supporting Feidler, I'm just saying this whole arguement is falible, and goes alot deeper than aying Manning has thrown more ints.
ok, lets go with jay..............

and NEVER try lucas. in all the games that were over and the winner was not a question, dave didn't put lucas in, so lets stay with jay. afterall, lucas has never played a full quarter. then if jay gets hurt or he goes bye bye next year we can GUESS at what kind of back up we have. we'll just have wayne pay this guy to sit on the bench.
i don't know what.............

they do in pro ball, but when i coached in pop warner, everytime i had a big lead or behind by a bunch i always put in my backup quarterback, so he could get some experience and i could see how he plays. WAIT, ISN'T THAT WHAT SHULA USED TO DO WITH STROCK AND MARINO!!! GOSH, I THOUGHT IT WAS A NOVEL IDEA!!!!:mad: :fire:
i wonder................

Lets see, put in Lucas who only comes in for short yardage plays, would play his first game against a very good Patriots team. Putting in someone who never has played a full game, or for that matter a full quarter, is just insane!

why our backup has very limited experience? maybe lucas does suck, but do you want to wait until jay gets hurt to find out?!:mad: :fire:

I agree totally, there are a lot more positions that need to be questioned. People are saying that we need to fire Tony Wise? I don't see where they are getting their facts from. He has probably done the best job that anyone could ask from this man. Look, before season, we started with injuries to the line. Now, we have some kid name Troy Andrews playing, and Tim Ruddy and Todd Wade are playing with injuries. To me, it seems that he did the best he could do. He cant do what he wants and play God, and make every player healthy... but thats what you guys think he is. :rolleyes:

Further, I don't recall one team as of right now that constantly changes quarterbacks when a team gets a large lead in the NFL. Kurt Warner never gets replaced. College does it simply because their starting quarterback will be with them for about 3-4 years max. So, you need to constantly have your back ups in, if possible.

I totally agree with you as well. Different passing styles. I was also just bringing up a point that even a better quarterback can have more interceptions.

As said, I'm not supporting Fiedler, nor am I bashing him. I wasn't yelling "Pull Marino" during the Thanksgiving game. Some of you were, but thats your own feelings. Point is, most of us know that he gave us the best chance to win. Fiedler gives us the best chance to win.

And you can't blame an entire freakin game on one person when there are so many other players that make an impact during the game.

Last I checked, did Jay play defense? No. However, I saw Zach Thomas miss tackles. I saw our defensive line get pushed around. I saw the cornerbacks give up big plays. I didn't see any holes for Lamar in the offensive line. Simply said, no one played well.

I am defending Fiedler, thats all. He doesn't deserve all of this nonsense. After the Patriots game, if he does well, or if the team wins. You guys will forget it. Well, no you wont. Because if Fiedler throws an interception, thats all you remember. You guys just sit back waiting for one mistake by the offense so you can snap at Fiedler...

All in all, I'm not arguing with you guys any more. I am staying with Fiedler for the remainder of the season, if we get a better quarterback, more power to us. If we don't, oh well...

AJ - I'm with you. I've checked out other Dolphin sites that have chat forums and it disgust me to see all the negativity that some so-called Fin fans exhibit. Most of these so-called Fin fans have written this season off with three games remaining while we are in first place. Does anyone actually think Pittsburgh and Oakland are better than our Fins? I don't, and right now they are the front runners to represent the AFC in the SuperBowl.

Coming up with ideas like throw Cade in and see what he can do is idiotic, when you still have a chance for home field advantage in the playoffs...sheesh!!!!!

Lose one game in four weeks and people roll over and want to play dead. I hope our Fins have more heart than some of their "so-called fans"....GO FINS!

:monkey: bandwagoners
WoooHooo! We have a fan that believes! I agree totally. There are still three games left, and we still have a chance. I mean, I know I may be extremely optimistic, but thats better than me thinking like some of you guys.

Dolfan033, I agree, we lose one game in four weeks, and lose four games total... we go crazy. Usually by this time we have around 6 or 7 loses. True, it is possible that it can happen (end up having 7 loses total) but I don't see that. Come on people... look at the rest of the season...

@ Patriots (a little tough)
Atlanta (Should be easy)
Bills (Should be easy)

Again, I'll watch my team, and have an enjoyable Saturday. Some of you guys will be staring at Fiedler the entire game waiting for one interception, one fumble, one misread... something... anything... just so you guys can jump on him and yell that he is a terrible quarterback.
I hope everyone knows I was kidding with my throw "Cade in there" post.
OK,ignore it now,

put your head in the sand like a friggin ostrich, but if jay gets hurt in the playoffs, your gonna wish they had of tried lucas!:(
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