Illegal picks


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Feb 12, 2010
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I found it very interesting how the Eagles tried to help their DBs and WRs through much more than 'chips at the LOS' or 'rub routes'.

Also I liked how we kept quiet about the penalty on the pick on Fitz's first throw but after that, I'm assuming because we were 'good boys', the refs called all PIs and threw us a few non-calls, except for one where Gesicki pushed off a tiny lil bit.

I can see the Jets trying a similar strategy. Our guys will beat zone and man, no prob, so they might try and rough us up, which I don't see working either but I can also see Gase trying to help Sacknold and their piss poor WRs with picks and rubs since we're 100% man.

I know our disciplined DBs will not fall for it though.

I can see Darnold throwing picks when their WRs get all confused 'cause our corners didn't bite.


Mar 23, 2009
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I thought the first int was a clear illegal contact, seeing that it came 8 yards down field. Maybe interference if it was after the ball was thrown. Also felt on the final hail mary Miami was lucky not to get called for interference as Hartage was boxing out Aghlor when the ball was in the air. I know refs let somethings go in that situaation but it could have cost the Dolphins the game.
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