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I'm as excited as everyone about our new players but keep in mind...


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Apr 30, 2003
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that many of our new players, especially most of our UDFA will not make the team. I've seen threads where people are assuming we're going to cut Donald Lee or David Bowens simply because we have so many guys. I'm all for getting younger and getting better but I don't know if cutting Bowens will do that. Bowens was a nice replacement for OGUN and he's relatively cheap. Why would we get cut him on June 1st without really knowing if the guys on our roster can play as good or better than him? Lee had his trouble last year but he's got some skill. He's got to correct his fumbling problems and his mental mistakes but he's talented. That's just my take. I know with all of these new players it's like when you're a kid and you get a new toy you tend to forget about all of the other ones and concentrate on the new one but I just think it would be a mistake to simply cut Bowens and Lee. Now on the other hand, these other guys outplay them and we can trade them and get something for them, I'm all for it!
Lee isnt going anywhere because we have no one to replace him with. I think all of our draft picks will make the team. I think almost all of the UDFA will be camp fodder or perhaps practice squad players. KJ Harris has the best chance to make the team of the UD guys imo
why would we cut donald lee??? we dont have another good TE... we need atleast two and perry doesnt count cuz hes a long snapper... and good for bowens being a good step in but now we have 3 new guys who are better than him and can play DE ( carter holliday and roth)... im not sayin we should cut him but he would be the one to go if someone on the D line gets cut.
Alex Holmes could actually take the job from Lee.
Jaj said:
Alex Holmes could actually take the job from Lee.

I haven't seen much of him but my money's on Lee who was at least drafted. Again Lee has made his share of bonehead plays but he's got some skill. Hopefully with proper coaching and accountability, hell get his act together.
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