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I'm your new members guys....


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Nov 30, 2001
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Quebec City
.....and im the #1 Fin Fan in America!!! Sorry guys, let's make that in Canada :p

I already know a lot of you guys.... i've been reading your posts since the beginning of the seasons... Seems like a fun place to talk about the Fins :)

Have a good weekend and let's end the Broncos playoffs hope sunday pm!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Welcome aboard, and tell a friend about us!

You know it is kinda creepy thinking about all the people who just lurk out there and don't post. I wonder if any players look?
Welcome aboard man! :D It's nice to have new members :cool: Members that are Dolphins fans that is :rolleyes: LOL There are other class acts around here too though ;)
Thanks all!!!

Dolphan87, unfortunately my friends are losers
:( They all cheer for another team like the Bills, Pats, Chiefs and Cowboys.....

Now you know what i mean by losers!!!:lol: They combine for 12 wins and we have 7

BTW, im from quebec so sorry if my english isn't 100%
nice homepage, but you need an English version - you know use American are too arrogant to learn another language. ;)

Kiddin' - welcome aboard
Dolphan39.....Thanks for your appreciation!!! I will probably put an english version soon. I thought about it a couple of weeks ago...
you bet they suck..............

i posted on jets insider yesterday, after the jets had lost. today i see my post has been deleted. haven't seen a post by those little green morons over here yet. no backbone whatsoever! :D
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