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individual recaps

Brian Leonard will be a force at FB. Palmer and Stanton had pretty good days and they might elevate themselves to a 2nd or 3rd round status if they keep it up. Palmer especially, considering his pedigree. Higgins, McKnight, Bowe, and Baker are guys at WR I'm looking at for later rounds.
i say pick up troy smith in the second round

I wasnt that high on Troy Smith when Saban was still our coach but now that Cameron is, I think he might be a good fit. Cameron developed Brees and I could see him doing the same with Troy
I like how Stanton is looking, and think Cam could get him to be a great NFL QB in 3 yrs.
I really don't see what all the hype is surrounding Drew Stanton. Yes, he's athletic and has a good arm. Above the shoulders, he doesn't have what it takes to be a starting qb. If we could get Troy Smith in the second, I would be a very happy man.
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