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Indy -2.5 and Jets -1 against patriots


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Aug 30, 2002
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I truly believe the patriots will beat the Jesters..... New england played well against a very good team (at least i thought the steelers were eveyones favorite in the AFC) and

the Jets escaped because of 14 points on kick returns. Travis Henry ran all over them and i just don't see new england losing that game.....

Miami needs to play better on defense in the secondary , especially in the middle of the field and they can handle the colts like they usually do.

Very happy so far on the injury front and enjoy NORV TURNER this year because he will be a HEAD coach next season......

I thought the phins went alittle crazy on the incentive package for Ricky.. he could make tons of money for next year...I would give edwards the ball plenty and keep Ricky healthy this year. 20 carries a game is fine with me. I like this 3rd down thing..... I really think Edwards will have a very nice season and get a good contract next year. I wish we had him wrapped up longer.

sala vea would be a good signing if he is healthy . can't have enough defensive lineman in my opinion......

T.Buck had 2 int.s in the first half. He was in the right place on both nothing spectacular.. Still would have like to have him in the nickel.

Thank the gods madison is OK for sunday.........
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