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Injuries, something everybody has to deal with....


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Oct 15, 2001
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Sorry, didnt mean to scare you if I did, but good thing and thank god we havent suffered anything major to our players thus far, But looking at around the league first of all we all know

NYJ Dave Szott Season ending injury....This guy was going to make an impact

then I heard NYJ....Sam Cowart re-injured ...dont know to much about this one but I heard he injured the same leg as the torn achillies last season.

then this the latest casualty.......,1329,5559438_59,00.html

For all those hoping we would have picked him up.
Thats too bad the Bungles released Darnay Scott cuz of Mike Westbrook. Oh well. The Jests OL is pretty darn banged up.

Jason Fabini is still dealing with some semi-serious shoulder injuries that he and the team are constantly denying despite Pro Football Talk reporting on it on multiple occasions (and trust me given Herm's reputation with injury reports I trust PFT ANYDAY OF THE WEEK over Herm..."Oh by the way fellas Santana Moss had some knee surgery 4 weeks ago, did I mention that? Sorry..what about Testeverde's minor surgery to remove bone spurs...err, what was that again? Oh, sorry a TUMOR from his foot about 3 weeks ago. Did I mention that one? Oh...gosh I'm sorry fellas")

Fabini's got two bad wings apparently. Randy Thomas also hurt his shoulder in minicamps and according to PFT's sources the original injury was much worst than the Jets let on, and he's recently dinged up the same wing and apparently its connected to the previous injury (once again - PFT). And of course Kevin Mawae won't be able to take the field until close to the start of the season.

So they got JP Machado and Kareem McKenzie as the only healthy guys and they are greener than the hunter green on their unis, and the 3 "pro bowlers" are all bandaged up too. Yeah I'm sure that's a super bowl OL right there.
Injuries are the great equalizer. The teams that are best prepared for them or adapt to the the best will overcome. I think we've done a decent job adding depth, at least most spots other then LB. Defensively I think we're too rigid in schemes employed to cover for some injuries. No team has suffered more injuries the past couple of years then the Pat's and Belechick was able to cover a number of soft spots bye schemes. We don't change on defense regardless of injuries and this could be a sore point.
Cowarts' injury is supposedly a hamstring, that he feels he twinged covering for the achilles. Both Thomas and Cowart were originally supposed to practice today, both missed practice again.
Actually late in the year I thought I read that the Patriots and Rams were two of the most injury-free teams in the NFL...

I mean yeah the Drew Bledsoe injury was high profile but I can't remember them having more problems other than that...
Yeah but the Pats lost their #1 picks from the past 2 drafts, 2 O-linemen, their MLB, WR, TE,. Guys like Katzenmoyer, Klemm, on top of Edwards, a starting OG, DT and Ted Johnson.
Yeah no doubt, but they had a terrible season in 2000. In 2001 they didn't face that many injuries at all and they won the super bowl. And in 2000 I remember for sure that the two most uninjured teams in the league were the Ravens and Giants...
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