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Interesting article: Miami in the worst situation


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May 25, 2003
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"Group 1: The worst situation

Teams with a below-.500 record that used rookies less than 25 starts belong here. There's nothing more disheartening than a bad team with older players. The end of the tunnel is nowhere in sight. "

Miami has sub .500 record. Rookies had 13 starts. It's just another example of how the indecisiveness of Jimmy Johnson and the veteran loyalty of Wannstedt has slowly eroded this once great franchise. Young talent is wasted, and old talent is abused.

Make no doubt about it, Saban is rebuilding. Yeah, it's done differently in this NFL but it's the same thing- the old must be replaced and thanks to Spielman's wheeling and dealing, it will take longer than it should/could. I hope Saban's the man for the job.
The article lost all credibility when they put the Jets into this category:

Group 4: A "Now and future" team

These are winning teams that have managed to do it with a significant number of rookies lining up.
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