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Interesting Stuff on Braylon Edwards


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Mar 13, 2005
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Here is the link to the information I posted.

"Has shown good maturity as a senior, but was in trouble with the coaching staff previously for taking plays off and being late to practice … Still needs a coach to ride him to get the best out of his ability … Can be a good route runner, but at times will round his cuts and is more of a soft angle type … Needs to fight for ball better, as you don't see him being a tough receiver on crossing patterns all the time even though he has shown flashes of excelling here (lacks consistency) … Will run some sloppy routes and will cruise when not involved in the play … Has developed a better feel for patterns, but needs to settle and break off them better … Must maintain discipline and effort, as he has been inconsistent doing both most of his career … Not considered a deep threat due to adequate timed speed … Lacks a natural feel for zone coverage and loses concentration at times, especially when he tries to get up field before securing the ball."

Interesting information on Edwards that might be something for all of the Edwards supporters to look at.

Edwards doesn't look mature enough to handle the lead receiver roll.
In my opinion.

he wouldnt have it he would be 2 to chambers possibly 3 for a year
I am now of the opinion that Chambers is a #2 WR, I think he is great but he needs someone else to help him to look good. He doesnt strike me as the kind of guy that when the going gets tough will turn round to the QB and says 'Get the ball to me'.

If Chris was in Cincy, he wouldn't be putting up the numbers that Chad is.

Look at Peerless Price, in Buffalo, as the #2 he put up huge numbers next to Moulds, now in Atlanta, he is struggling to get the job done as a #1.

I am aware that teams have different systems... i.e. Buffalo pass more than Atlanta, and Carson Palmer is better than AJ, but they are just my observations.

I think Mike Williams is that guy who can be the #1, I'm not convinced Braylon is.
Chambers has done great so far IMO but I was excited to see him be a No. 2 receiver to Boston this year... unfortunately that didn't happen. I think he needs someone like Booker of his caliber, to know the system(Booker didn't know the system when he came in) for the whole year. I think that would take some double coverages off him and make it a bit easier for him to get some passes his way. I also see Chambers improving this season with AJ's expected better season. I don't think we need either MW or Braylon but I would like to see a good slot receiver in the mould of a Courtney Roby, Roscoe Parrish or Jerome Mathis.
I did not want Edwards before but then I saw him on NFL Network and I changed my mind. He is not my first overrall but we do need an impact WR and Edwards just might fit the bill. That way you can get a QB and RB later and then you have your spots filled.
Who wrote that about him a Ohio State fan. I have watched every game that Braylon played in at Michigan and none of those things i would have said about him. He is an outstanding player with unbelievable skills. Who seems to try his hardest every time he gets near the ball. Also a great run blocker
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