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Interesting Tid Bit About Fiedler


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Feb 12, 2002
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Orange County, CA
I read this bit from Pro Football Weekly and was somewhat shocked that this would still be floating around after what Fiedler's done this year. Anyway, I'm not going to harp on something you all haven't read so here's the link, and remember, I have been a Fiedler supporter all a long and I continue to be one so I'm not posting this article as any kind of bash; it's simply information some might find interesting.


P.S. This doesn't give license to all of you ridiculous Fiedler bashers out there to start posting all of your same rhetoric; let it go already and enjoy the season.
for anybody who does not want to click on the link the piece is called "Fiedler could lose starting job if he continues to struggle" and is total BS I am sure. :fire:
I agree that it's a bunch of crap but I figured it was out there so it was probably worthy of posting.
This was rubbish. Please don't click the link or go to their site. If you want to hurt idiots like PFW or Pete the Prick, don't read their articles.
Why does anyone even read this garbage? It not only contradicts what the WannSpiel have been saying all along, but it gives no identity to it's "inside sources". Simply put... what a load of crap.
A total load of crap.

If they wanted Lucas so badly, they would have went with him over Fiedler for the Pats game, and said Fiedler wasn't going to start because of his finger injury.
Blitz you hit it on the nail..wanny will make a change if he wants a change..I've seen him retire Marino..start McMicheals over Weaver, cut Gardener...He'll change a QB in a heartbeat if that's who he wants to start.
MDFINFAN -- Good point -- I agree with your bottom line of Wanny making a change if he wants to -- but I could not help but notice that Marino, Gardener and Weaver were never Wanstedt's chosen starters -- whereas Fiedler (who I overall am quite happy with) was his handpicked chosen QB
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