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Interesting Year


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Apr 25, 2005
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I was always more of a poker person when it comes to gambling(turned 21 last year). However I joined a sportsbook site this year and have been making decent money so far during the baseball season. With football season coming up I know i definatly should be careful of my bias with the fins, but damn the odds for Miami are just too tempting to pass up.

AFC East Division Champ odds
Miami Dolphins +2250

Which for those who arent familiar with that, a 10 dollar bet would turn into $225 and so on.

Obviously the Super Bowl odds will be much deeper,

Super Bowl XL Champ Odds
Miami Dolphins +12500

Ok lets get real, Miami has these kind of odds for a reason. Not only the 4-12 number lingering over our heads but it was one hell of an ugly season. However Nick Saban coming in and changing things up as much as he has, makes things quite interesting this season.

I dont have to preach to you guys about how long its been since we have not only had a good draft, but a good overall offseason. Nick Saban saw that Miami was an absolute mess, financially and strategicly. We had alot of overpriced pieces that were valueable but were hindering our abilities to seek out key free agents over the past few years.

Saban accepted he had to make cap room to make a impact on miami's depth chart and fix key holes which have been festering in miami for a few years.

Stockar Mcdougle - Thank god, whichever god you praise, thank him. It may only be 1 piece on the chessboard but this is like putting your daughter's giant troll doll on the board protecting your rooks. This may very well be one of the most important acquisitions that Saban will make for some time to come.

Vonnie Holliday, Kevin Carter - These guys are definatly gap pick ups. These guys should have decent seasons just witht he simple fact they will be playing with JT. I really like the idea of one of them gaining a few bulk lbs to play Nose Tackle. Its a possibility but not really somthing that is required for either of them to succeed this year.

Donnie Spragan, Channing Crowder - Wow. I was honestly quite happy with having Thomas and Seau with the young guns we have like Pope. Crowder may not be a gurantee but he seems to be a complete STEAL for the 3rd round if he even takes a few years to develop(we really dont need him to produce right away this year, just get pro experience and not hurt his knee). Tho being a gator fan id like to see him put Pennington in the hospital so Fiedler can stumble onto the field and face us. I only saw so much of spragan but hes a quality linebacker from what I can tell.

Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth - After putting up with the Minnesota/Vernon Carey fiasco in the previous draft, the misdirection Saban pulled this year which resulted in us landing Brown was needed. Thankfully, saban pulled the Surtain trade out when needed and we were able to get back a 2nd rounder. Matt Roth was a good value pick for where we were. I know some people were scratching their heads(including Jason Taylor himself) but its quite easy to see the direction saban is taking us.

Ricky Williams - Not the answer to our problems, however his issues before walking out on us were always off the field and if he returns and produces, and we start our winning ways again, things will be bright and sunny in miami again. Lets just be happy were not depending on him.

Ok i wont leaveout the other things, Gus Frerrotte(sp?!?) and the coaching staff are also very big key pick ups. without those acquisitions I probably wouldnt feel as confident as I do about this year. Gus has the weapons, Chambers, Boston, Booker, Mcmike, and ofcoarse R&R. I really dont care who starts as our QB this year because if Gus cant outplay feely then he shouldnt start... seems simple doesnt it.

Seriously, I dont think it would be wise to go out and sell all your property and place it on miami XL champs. But with the odds the way they are right now, do any of you guys really wana be left out if miami were to turn things around quickly?

I kinda like the division champ odds, not that I am sure were gonna win it but because its actually a realistic goal for this year. The patsies are not the same team they have been at all, period. The Jets are strong again this year, and the Jills, well I think they have their whole season riding on a Rookie QB who all I got to see of so far was one of the most hillarious NFL plays Ive ever seen...anyways.

Sorry for the babblin cheers fins fans.

great post man. Don't apologize for the babbling, atleast you said some quality stuff.
Yo good post man, Im pumped for the season....wont be that long till pre season. Imma get a piece of that action the way the odds are.
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