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Is Anyone Watching The Browns/chiefs Game?...Jets/Bills OT


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Feb 3, 2002
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Is Anyone Watching The Browns/chiefs Game???????


Dwayne Rudd makes one of the biggest mistakes in NFL history.
What happened? last I saw Browns kicked FG then I stepped out of the room for 2 min. and KC won?
Yeah..That idiot cost me picking them to win in my pigskin picks :fire: Geez....That sucks :(
not watche Drew's 1st TD to Moulds as Bill to tie game at 31 ag Jets w/26 seconds left
Cleveland drove down the field and kicked a FG with about 20 seconds left. Made the game 39-37. Anyway, there's 6 secs left and KC is at midfield for a final Hail Mary. Dwayne Rudd gets to Trent Green and pulls him down.......only he THINKS he pulls him down. Green got the ball away to an offensive lineman, who rumbled way down the field. Clock runs out, game over right??

Only problem is that when Rudd thought he sacked Green, he took off his helmet and threw it across the field.......but the play was still going on!!!

Therefore, Cleveland gets an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty and adds 15 yards to the end of the play. And because the game can't end on a defensive penalty, the Chiefs get a free play with no time on the clock. And this play is a short 30-yard FG by Morton Anderson to win it.

Needless to say, the Cleveland faithful were not happy.
Ouch that is going to be talked about like the Leon Lett play :nono:
Damn, the Jets get two Kickoff TDs from Chad Morton. 1 in OT to win it. Did Curtis Martin get hurt??
special teams sure hurt the bills!

Originally posted by dolphan39
Ouch that is going to be talked about like the Leon Lett play :nono:
after coming back to tie, what a bogus ending!:rolleyes:
Dude, anyone who thinks/thought our OL is not great should take a look at the Bucs OL. Brad Johnson is taking a BEATING. They suck.

Also, Denver is pounding the Rams.
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