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Is Bromell next??


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Oct 3, 2001
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Is he next on Wanne's hit list??

What do you guys think??

Can we afford him??
I personally am a Lorenzo Bromell fan, so I say we should keep him. When you rotate him in on that D-Line, I think it gives our Defense another slight edge over opponents because the other team never knows who they will have to be ready for. So whether it be Taylor, Gardner, or Bromell... shoot, that's a pretty nice tandum of guys, don't ya think??
Don't Forget


Don't forget we also have Larry Chester, Adewale Ogunleye, David Bowens, Jermaine Haley, Ernest Grant, and hopefully Lorenzo Bromell.

I wouldn't feel a bit uneasy if these guys were put on the D-Line in a crucial moment or if one of our starters went down due to injury.

Our D-Line is gonna be awesome this year, and I hope Dave goes out and signs one more FA for the O-Line, and Drafts another.
I'd say keep Bromell at the right price.Then switch there attention to Cris Carter.We'd pretty much be done with Free agency.I'd also consider dumping Mcknight if it dosn't effect the cap.Or redo Mcknights contract and use him as our no.4 receiver and dump Ward.
i agree, somewhat

i agree with you on signing Bromell and Carter, but we do need to get atleast 1 more OL (sounds like a broken record around this board doesn't it:) )
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