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Is Chris Chambers still our kick returner?


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Aug 13, 2002
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We count return yardage in our fantasy league as i was wondering if Chris is still going to do it. Does anyone have link or any information to indicate what the scoop is? Thanks in advance
I SERIOUSLY doubt Chambers will be spending any time on returns this year. He ill be taking on major role in the offense and the coaches wont want to expose him to the risk him to injury on special teams.

It will likely be whoever wins the 5th receiver spot between AJ Johnson, Robert Baker, Ogden... and perhaps Travis Minor.
No .........Travis Minor and the other spot depends on how good Baker/AJ are...........
Chambers is strictly playing wide receiver this year. The return jobs are being fought between Albert Johnson and Robert Baker. Whoever wins the roster battle will do both kick and punt return jobs. I think Keith Armstrong uses an up back like Dyer to block. I dont think they will play Minor as a return man since he is to valuable of a player, especially on third downs.

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No...Odgen is on display for trading..AJ and Baker are your starters...But for Saturday Night's game Odgen is starting along with Minor.
I hope Minor ends up the KR though
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