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Is it possible?


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Feb 21, 2005
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That if we trade Surtain for KC's 2nd rounder, AND trade our 2nd overall pick to some other team for 2 1st rounders, that we may draft Alex Barron, then Elton Brown or David Baas, then in the 2nd round draft someone like Vernand Morency, and in the 3rd we draft someone like Charlie Frye or Adrian McPherson? Basically im wondering if its possible Saban drafts 2 or more offensive lineman??? There are guys like Alex Barron, Elton Brown, David Baas, Ben Wilkerson who are hard to say NO to, especially with our needs on the offensive line.

Overall im still FOR drafting a Franchise QB with our Number Two, but im just curious
no... tbh honest I can't see us drafting one day one lineman.
We could surely use a Center in the 2nd round. Baas/Wilkerson/Brown are all fine by me. Wasnt Rex Hadnot a Center?? And then we moved him to Guard??
I really doubt Saban will draft a lineman that high. We really dont need to draft a tackle this year because of huge amount coming out next year and all of them are going to be good. Even guard we really dont need since they payed Jeno alot of money and Hadnot did pretty damn well last year. McKinney I think with Houck coaching will have a good year. Its just LT that Im most worried about right now. I think McIntosh, if healthy, will do it for us.
I believe B.Wilkerson will still be available in the third because of injury.
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