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Is Olandis Gary an option?


Jan 24, 2002
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Sussex, N.B. Canada
I'm assuming that given Rick And Dave's conservative nature when it comes to draft picks, that we will NOT trade for RW. I keep hearing that Cleveland's the front runner any how.

How about signing restricted free agent Olandis Gary? I don't think Denver's tendered him a contract yet and given his injury plagued history, I doubt that they will. Of course "injury plagued history" doesn't exactly sound like a ringing endorsement for a starting RB but he's still young, is talented and has good size. He could come on the cheap with an incentive laden deal too.

Any thoughts?
I can't say...

that I would complain. I liked him a lot his first year. Might be a good alternative, depending on what the Phins would have to give up.
Every RB a few years ago when Gary and Anderson both got a ton of yards would do well running for Denver. I wouldn't invest in Gary.
Dirty Linemen!

Gary and Anderson ran behind a decent offensive line! Actually a VERY DIRTY offensive line, the way they cut block and take out knees! They even broke Bryan Cox's leg! I really don't have a point here but Denver's O-LINE has been cheap-shot artists for years now!
Gary's Not the Man for the Job...

He had one good year behind a line that pretty much anyone could rush for a thousand yards with. He's a third down back, at best, in any other system. I'd much rather give Lamar another go than bring Gary in.

Besides, we already have one OG on the 'Fins, two would just be too much.:D

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