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Is Prisco a dumba@@ or what?

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Article said:
41. Jason Taylor, DE, Dolphins: Once just a pass rusher, he is now a well-rounded end. But where does he play in Miami's new 3-4 scheme?

:confused: Does he think we are going to be a base 3-4 defense this year or something? If so, then someone needs to med. vac. him out on the nearest ROFLCOPTER!
Funny story about Priscos list:

Look at how he ranks Takeo Spikes each year:

TKO in 2003:

31. Takeo Spikes, LB, Buffalo Bills: He hasn't received the attention he deserved when he was in Cincinnati. A new venue should help, even if it is a city smaller than the one he left.

TKO in 2004:

41. Takeo Spikes, LB, Bills: Had his best season last year, his first with the Bills. Has the speed coaches love, and has learned to harness it and play under control more.

This past two seasons Spikes had more impact on the game than any year before. INT's, TD's, coverage, key tackles, big hits... the guy has been a playmaker in the strictest sense of the word, yet Prisco has him drop 10 spots in two years??
Agua said:
I don't even have to see what the article is to answer your question. Yes, Prickso is a dumb@ss and always has been one.

Just what I would have said.
I think he just wrote down names as he thought of them! Prisco needs :help:
i dont care...Prisco is a columnist....he's not a true writer, he just likes to stir the pot and get people means to him that people are reading the column...he doesnt care what the reaction is.....and for a long time he has been doing nothing but beating the more storied franchises in sports..and Miami is one of them
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