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Is something wrong witht this site?


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Sep 3, 2001
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Sorry to put this here but I wanted a quick response from someone.....(39, 87, AJ) I keep getting a security alert warning when I come to the says that the sites' security certificate is expired and that the name on the certificate doesn't match the site and it says that it wants me to "trust" the site and it will quit showing this you guys know anything about this? I don't want to put it on my list of trusted sites until I know some more.
it was pointed out that is has something to do w/Muck's signature. Only Muck, AJ or Gram can mess with that, I am only a lowly mod. ;)

I believe it's Muck's signature. It shows up everytime a thread has Muck in it and when I chose no to the security alert muck's graphic doesn't show up.
Took care of it. Muck I had to remove your picture in your sig. It was causing the problems, and also had the virus linked to it.

thanks're welcome to dump this thread.....
I want Muck to see he knows why his pic is gone...oh never mind I will just PM him.
87.......did I see a "virus warning" thread started by you a minute ago?........
Yea, it was Mucks thing...taken care of, and I didn't want people freaking out, so i deleted it. :D

Thanks for noticing me though. ;)

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